Joey's 'Secret'

Joey Graceffa never when for the losers, or the outcast with only a group of friends.
He went for the preppy chicks with floral dresses and curly hair. But he sees Marzia Differently.


13. He Wants Her

"That sucks" I mumble and lay my head on his shoulder
"I know..."  My moms gone to bed and we were talking about him getting kicked out
"Lets get some rest, we still have school tomorrow" i whispered and pecked his lips
He pulled me back and i giggled as his hands went through my hair
I sat on his lap and tangled my hands in his hair
I felt his hands move down to my waist and i smirked as i pulled his hair.
He let out a moan and i giggled. I pulled away and looked in his eyes.
"Lets go to bed", I whispered and he went to my brothers room.

"WAKE UP" Joey jumped on my bed suprising me into sleep
I laughed and threw my pillow over my face
"Get up babe", He said taking off the pillow
He kissed my cheek and rolled us over to where he was under me
"Im tired" I yawned and he chuckled.
"I was to but i am full of energy now" I giggled and watched as he went through my closet.
"Here" He tossed me a knit sweater and black skinnies with red toms
"Thanks" I struggled to take of my shirt since i was tired
"Here" He came up to me and  lifted my shirt of my body
He began to furrow his eyebrow and looked me in the eyes
He kissed me hungrily and i put my hand on his chest
"Are you getting a....?" His eyes widened and walked to the restroom
I giggled and got changed quickly
I brushed my hair and put on my beanie
I put on my makup and brushed my teeth
By the time i knew it, Joey was making me a protien shake
"Lets get going, dont want to be late now do we?"
I asked and he chuckled while he grabbed my hand

"Hey" Sam yelled running over to us
He smiled at me, but then turned his attention to Joey
"There's a new girl named Ari and she's in our first period. She has long brown hair an-"
"Awwwweee" I squiled and giggled
"Sams got a little crush" I cheered and he blushed
"Dont be embarassed, i bet shes beautiful"
I playfully hit his shoulder and he chuckled
"So i heard what happened last night man, that sucks" Joey shrugged and i gave hus hand a squeeze
The bell rung and we walked together to class
I saw the girl sam was talking about, and holy shit
Shes freaking gorgeous.
"Hi" Sam said hesitently
"Watch him get nervous and flip out" Joey said and i giggled
Sam leaned on a table but missed and fell on the ground.
"Looks like he likes her" Joey said and kissed me 

We got home and Joey sighed
"Whats wrong?" I said sitting next to him
He smiled and took off his shirt
He ran outside and Sam Pepper, Sam Portoff, Beau luke & Jai brooks
They were all shirtless and Thier stumachs spelled out
'Wanna go to prom with me?'
Joey had the 'me' painted on him
I giggled and nodded
I ran into his arms and he picked me up and spun me around
"Now we have to go ask Ari for Sam"
"She just got here tho", i whispered and they all shrugged
"Ill be back babe" He kissed me cheek and ran off to Sam peppers car


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