Joey's 'Secret'

Joey Graceffa never when for the losers, or the outcast with only a group of friends.
He went for the preppy chicks with floral dresses and curly hair. But he sees Marzia Differently.


18. Baby Your The Best

I walked into school hoping everyone had forgotten about the party
But everyone store at my black shiner
I looked at Carrie and she half frowned causing me to gulp
I turned down the hallway and stopped at my locker
I began to do my combination when everyone just walked away from me
I opened my locker and put my stuff away hoping today would just go by
I shut my locker and joey was standing there looking at me
"Yes?" I asked nervously as my stumach dropped
"Come home..." he whispered and studied my face
I looked at my feet and looked him in the eyes
"Ill let you do anything, ill defend you, i swear" He said now in a begging tone
I looked at him with furrowed eyebrows showing my anger
"'Havnt I done enough'" I whispered quoting him from last night
I walked away angrily and walked into the restroom
I looked myself in the mirror and asked myself 'why am i so ugly?'
I walked to the stall in the back and looked at the wall. 
I never noticed all the writing on the walls. 
I read some of them and realized........this wall was about me..

Marzia heart is a whore
Stupid bitch marzia stole my husband
I heard she slept with 2 guys at once
Marzibear? More like Whorebear

I looked away and noticed tears were falling from my eyes
I ran out to the mirrors and my mascara was running down my face
I quickly wiped it and ran down the hallway feeling like throwing up
As i exited the school, i felt myself starting to hypervenalate 
My heart began to race and i entered my car
I began to sob into my steering wheel and then i heard a nock
I looked out my window to see Joey standing there with a frown
I sighed and he sat down shutting the door
I looked at him and clung onto him while he squeezed me
"Im sorry" He whispered in my hair and i giggled
"I love you " I whispered and he sighed while rubbing my back
"I love you to Marzia" he kissed my head and i looked him in the eyes
"Everyone here hates me", i sniffed and a tear fell down my cheek
"Who said that"  He blurted out obviously upset
"Its all over the bathroom wall" i looked down and pulled away from his hug
"Look at me" he said softly and i studied his face .
He wasnt angry, he was sad and caring.
"You are the best thing thats ever happened to me.."
I kissed him and he cupped my face with his hands
I felt his tongue shove in my mouth and i felt his hunger in the kiss
I pulled away and he looked at me questioningly.
"Lets go home" I said and he smiled
He grabbed my hand and we drove home

We got home and I felt myself begin to feel sick
I ran to the restroom and puked into the toilet
I felt Joeys hand hold my hair back 
I lifted myself thinking i was finished, but fell back down as i puked more
I looked at Joey and he frowned
"Lets get you some rest, you probrably have a fever" I nodded
He kissed my head and he walked me up to my room
He helped take off my cloths, due to me feeling weak
He took off his shirt and cuddled me while i cringed at stumach pains


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