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Calum Hood. That's me.
I'm the new kid on the block.
I've just moved to Sydney, Australia with my family to start a new life. But I don't want to.
I liked my old life.
I loved it in fact.
I was the popular kid in school, with a banging girlfriend who just happened to e the head cheerleader. My sister, Mali Hood, got offered a fashion job here in Oz, and my parents just expected me to drop my life and move half way around the world for her.

But what if moving to Aus wasn't such a bad idea after all?
Well, it can only go up from here.


5. Chapter five

"Thanks for that." I smiled, as I pulled the strap over my head and placed the guitar against the wall. 

"Anytime Cal. You know where I live" he said chuckling. I laughed a little too. 


Ashton got out from behind the drum kit and we both headed for the door. We followed each other down the stairs only to find out it was around 9 O'clock at night and the sky was pitch black, only the light from the moon shone against the road. As we were walking towards the kitchen to grab some food, we saw Emma, who was sprawled out on the lounge, passed out. Ashton groaned and complained how he would have to carry her up to her room because otherwise she would get grumpy in the morning. 

"I can carry her if you like? You can make the food while I do it." I offered. He gave me an unconvincing look as the thought about it. "No funny business i promise." I piped up, which caused him to relax a little. 


"Sounds like a plan dude." I nodded in agreement before turning around and walking towards her. "Her rooms the one at the end of the hall." he called out over his shoulder as he was rummaging around in the pantry. I walked around and saw her peacefully sleeping there, just like an angel. I dug one arm under her knees and lifted her up bridal style. She let her head fall onto my chest as she snuggled closer to me as her arms lazily wrapped around my neck. 


As I walked up the stairs, I made sure that every step I took was with precaution, because you know, id hate to drop her or anything. 


When I finally reached her half open door, I was relieved to see I didn't have to try and open it as well. I strolled over to her bed and tried putting her down, but she kept her arms wrapped around my neck. I tried wiggling out but it was no use. 


"Emma, you gotta let go." I whispered. 

 "I don't 'gotta' do anything. I want you to stay with me." she said in her sleepy voice, which was very sexy might I add. 

"As much as I would love too, Ashton is just downstairs making me and him food and-" I was cut off by her lips coming in contact with mine.


"No funny business i promise." shit, well i broke that already.


I cautiously sat down on the bed, hoping I didn't sit on her by accident. Our lips moved slow at first, but then sped up as we got more in rhythm. She softly bit my lip which caused me to moan. She smiled against my lips as she began snaking her hands round to my back, slipping her hands under my shirt. Her cold fingertips tickled my back, you could tell she knew how to turn a guy on. I cupped her face in my fairly large hands as she lent back so she was now laying down, with me on top of her. I knew this was wrong but somehow I wanted this more than anything. A hole had been left when I had to break up with my girlfriend, and now Emma is filling it. 


Suddenly I heard footsteps coming up the stairs slowly, and I instantly pulled away from her. She had a sad look on her face and went to say something, but I covered her mouth with my hand. She instantly licked me and I pulled away, wiping my hand on the shirt, but still those footsteps were getting closer and closer. Soon the door swung open and there in the doorway, stood Ash. 


"What are you doing mate?" he asked curiously. Speechless, I turned around to see a sleeping Emma. Well, a pretend-sleeping Emma. "Just saying goodnight." I chuckled as I walked towards Ashton. I closed the door behind us and went back down to the kitchen, where there were a packet of chips half eaten on the bench.


Shit was I really up there for that long?!


"Mate, I think ill have to get going..." I trailed off. 

"Stay!" he instantly yelled, catching me offguard. "I mean if you want to of course." he said, more calmly.

"Well okay! But I have to say I'm getting tired so ill have to go to bed." I said, pouring myself a glass of water from the fridge. 

"Yeah that fine I'm knackered as well."I finished off the glass and put it in the sink as he rolled up the bag of chips and put them back away in the cupboard. 


We walked upstairs and he showed me the room I could stay in, which was ironically opposite Emma's room. We both said our good nights and again I thanked him, before he disappeared into his bedroom down the hall. 


I stripped out of my dirty clothes and just left my briefs on, before turning the light off and jumping into bed. It didn't take me long until I was asleep, or at least nearly was before I heard the door open, then close again. I curiously sat up on the bed, squinting my eyes trying to figure out who had entered, considering it was pitch black. I felt someone on the bed, and they began coming close to me until they were straddling me. They ran their finger up and down my bare chest beforE leaning down and kissing my neck. 


"Emma" i moaned. 


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