Jennifer isn't the type of girl with natural beauty you read about in fairy tales and see in movies. She's very self conscious when she's away from home because of the things she's been through, the things that no one knows about. Who knew that one day, she would end up telling someone these deep, dark secrets? And who knew, that all this would happen because she crossed paths with the famous boy band, One Direction?


11. Date


-Jennifer's POV-


"And every night before I go to sleep, I pray that in my dreams I'll see-"


I picked up my phone with my eyes closed and didn't even need to snooze it. I knew what today was. Today was Sunday, and I was going to hang out with One Direction. Is this a dream? 

No, it's not. Now get up and get dressed or you'll be late.

I hopped out of bed happily and pulled my curtains apart, drowning my room in a bright light. It was cloudy outside but the morning light was still really strong, despite the dark clouds outside. The weather still looked really cold, so I went to my suitcase and picked out an outfit that would keep me warm the whole day. I texted Harry good morning and took my outfit to the bathroom and hopped into the shower. I really needed to wash my hair... 

(Jennifer's outfit:

After my shower I checked the time and was surprised to find it was only 8 o'clock, considering I couldn't get up early to save my life. Normally on weekends I wake up around noon, but maybe it's just the excitement of being in England. I don't usually blowdry my hair, but today was a special occasion, so I sprayed heat protectant all over my head and turned on my blowdryer. I scrunched my hair while doing so I got these natural looking waves when my hair was dry and I was pretty happy with the final result. 

I wiped the hot air off the mirror in the bathroom and began to do my makeup - just the usual, eyeliner, mascara, and a soft red lip. I sprayed some of the One Direction perfume Mandy got me as a gift kind of like a joke, but I thought it'd be really funny if one of the boys recognized the smell (in which they should totally be able to, since they're the ones who made it and all). 

I realized my feet were getting pretty cold so I put on a pair of fuzzy gray socks to wear underneath my Uggs. I think fuzzy socks look adorable during winter and fall. After that I just moped around, checked my social medias and stuff. At 9 o'clock sharp I heard a knock on my door, and my heart completely skipped a beat. 

Breathe, Jennifer, breathe.

I checked myself in the mirror one last time to make sure there wasn't anything out of place, and I went to go open the door. There, Harry Styles stood, all tall and perfect and everything. 

"Good morning!" I said cheerfully. He smiled in return and said in his deep voice, "Good morning Jennifer," Harry pulled me in for a hug and asked, "How did you sleep last night?"

"I couldn't really sleep haha, I was a little bit nervous about today," I smiled sheepishly. Harry replied in a friendly tone, "No don't be nervous! I think today will be fun! Ready to go?" I nodded and we started to walk to Louis's room. 

"Oh this is for you by the way," Harry said suddenly as he handed me the apple and piece of toast he was holding, "Louis told me you weren't really a breakfast person, and we can't go downstairs to the buffet or we could be recognized so I brought you this," I took it from him and thanked him. I don't blame him, being in a famous boy band definitely can't be easy. 

After we met with all the other boys and greeted each other (Louis hugged me!), Paul took all of us out and we hopped into the big, black van. There were some fans outside who screamed the second Paul opened the door, and the boys spent about 2 minutes taking pictures and signing autographs while I stood there awkwardly. I saw a lot of the fangirls scan me up and down, but none of them acknowledged my existence. 

Paul took the boys to a buffet to eat first, since they couldn't really eat in the hotel. Louis, Harry, and Niall stuck by my side most of the time when we were sitting down, while Zayn and Liam were usually across from us. I was just really glad they didn't treat me like a stranger, and everyone else seemed perfectly okay with Harry inviting me along to hang out. Then everyone decided to go watch a movie, but we had to rush in and rush out right after the movie was finished to avoid being recognized, but everywhere we went someone noticed them and asked for a picture. After coming out of the movie theater, a group of 4 girls, two blondes and two brunettes, rushed over and asked to take a picture. One of them handed me her phone and said, "Here, take a picture of us!" I felt kind of awkward because she didn't thank me or anything, but I guess it was because she was so excited. Then when more people were gathering Paul hustled the boys and me into the van and we drove around Manchester. There were so many amazing buildings and I was fascinated, but I could feel the rest of the boys starting to get tired. In the late afternoon, we decided to go back to the hotel, and Harry and Niall wanted to go get McDonald's. I swear, those two could probably eat a whole farm of animals and still be hungry. Liam and Zayn were knocked out in the car, so while we waited in the parking lot for Harry and Niall to come back Louis and I just chatted.

"What's your favorite color, Jennifer?" Louis asked. I thought for a bit, then said, "My favorite color is the type of blue the sky is right now," Louis rolled down his window and stuck his head out but bumped his head on the door, and I almost choked laughing. Louis turned red and rubbed his head and said, "Wow Jennifer, you're just going to laugh at me?" He pouted at me and I smiled and rubbed his forehead where it was starting to turn red. We made eye contact and I burst out laughing again because I couldn't look at him without thinking of the stupid face he made when he bumped his head. Suddenly, Louis grabbed my hand and I jumped because he took me by surprise. We both got really quiet and he squinted his eyes at me, staring at me suspiciously. I looked at him questioningly and cocked by head to the side, "Why are you looking at me like that? Are you suspicious of me for rubbing your forehead?" Without saying a word, he pulled my body towards him and brought his face really close to mine. My heart started to race and I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. Louis then moved his head past my face and down to my shoulder, and sniffed.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I burst out laughing because he started to sniff at me like a dog and I got ticklish really easily. 

"Are you wearing our perfume? I didn't know you bought it," Louis said. I rolled my eyes and said, "Yes, Louis, I'm wearing it. Jeez you really freaked me out for a second. My friend bought Our Moment for me and I thought it'd be funny to wear it today since I'm hanging out with the members of One Direction themselves," A devious smile came across Louis lips and he whispered, "You're really ticklish aren't you?"

In that moment, his hands darted to my sides and he began to tickle me, I screamed and burst into a laughing fit, trying to get him to stop. Soon enough, I bumped my head onto my own window and Louis began to laugh hysterically. I rubbed my head and mumbled, "Look what you made me do! You're like a curse, Louis. Your clumsiness is contagious," 

"Sorry," He said with a smug smile and rubbed my head. Zayn rustled around and rubbed his eyes, and looked back at us. 

"What are you two doing?" He asked confusingly as he looked at Louis, then me, then back at Louis. 

"Louis contaminated me with his clumsiness," I protested at the same time Louis said, "Jennifer's harassing me," My eyes widened and I exclaimed, "I'M harassing YOU? Oh please, princess," I scoffed at him and he laughed. Zayn apparently got bored of watching us because he rolled his eyes and went back to sleep. Within a minute we began to hear him snore.

"Did Zayn just fall back asleep in a minute?" I asked, amazed. 

"Apparently," Louis whispered back. 

After about 25 minutes, Harry and Niall ran back to the van. 

"Paul! Drive before the fans come after us and they'll get hurt if they try to chase the van!" both of them cried. Paul backed out of the parking lot immediately and made a sharp turn, making Louis's body slam into my side. 

"Oops, sorry," Louis apologized. I grunted at him.


After getting back to the hotel, the boys walked me back and left again because they needed to rehearse for their concert on Tuesday.

"Bye Jennifer!"

"It was nice hanging out with you today,"

"Good night,"

"Thanks for coming with us!"

I hugged all of them and they left after I closed my hotel door. It was about 6 o'clock, so I hoped that they would get back soon and at least be able to eat dinner. I flopped onto my bed and couldn't stop smiling. I covered with my face with my hands until my cheeks started to get sore from smiling. I'm the luckiest girl in the world. 


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