summer love (16+)

They promised each other that their love would only last for the summer, but what happens when the summer ends and neither one can let go?


1. the beginning

~Braelynn's POV~

When the summer started me and Niall agreed that our fling would just be for the summer.  I was starting school this coming fall and Niall would be going on tour with his band One Direction, this summer was one of the best and even though i know its not possible, i'm in love with Niall James Horan. 

~2 Months earlier~





~Braelynn's POV~

Ahhh i can not beleive im in london for an entire summer! I'm starting school here in the fall and my parents thought it would be good for me to come here early to get aquinted with the area.  So far im in love. I find myself getting lost very easily though.  I get to my flat that my parents have rented out for me and start to unpack.  After im comfortable i flip on the tv and choose a show called x-factor. It looks pretty interesting, a couple people come on the stage, and then i notice a boy band. They start to sing and i notice how good they are. I particularly notice the blonde haired one,he sounds irish maybe? He's really cute. I glance at my cellphone and realize how late it is, i decide to go to bed so i can get a full day or touring the city tomorrow.




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