summer love (16+)

They promised each other that their love would only last for the summer, but what happens when the summer ends and neither one can let go?


3. Amusement Park

~Braelynn's POV~

The boys take me to an amusement park. When we get there we split up into groups Harry and Louis together, Zayn and Liam, and me and Niall together. I just can't get over this boy, that bright blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. What was it about him that had me so intrigued?  We ride some rides until it starts to get dark, we all meet back up at he entrance and we get in the car. "I'm starving!"  Niall exclaimed. "Niall your always hungry" louis retorted "have you ever had nando's?" Niall asks " "no" "OH MY GOD WE HAVE TO GO TO NANDO'S!!!" Niall looks so excited


~Niall's POV~

We took Braelynn to an amusement park today. We split up into groups and luckily Harry paired me and her together. It was alot of fun but i didn't eat anything so i'm starving! I suggested we go to nando's since Braelynns never been. We pull up to the restaurant and go grab a table in the back. "whats good here?" Braelynn asks, i still cant believe shes never been to nando's before. "the peri- peri chicken is really good" i tell her. We all order our food and just make small talk. I'm thinking of asking Braelynn to go on a date with me sometime,but im not quite sure how to do that. I'll talk to Harry about it later, hes really good with stuff like that. 


~Harry's POV~

When we got to the amusement park i suggested that we split up into groups of two's. I purposely placed Niall and Braelynn together, hoping maybe it will kick start things up a bit. I can tell they're interested in each other, guess ill just have to play matchmaker. I'm pretty good at that so this should be a breeze 


~Louis's POV~

Harry informed the rest of the gang that he was going to get Braelynn and Niall together.  We all agreed that it would be easy since it was obvious that they liked each other. 



~Braelynn's POV~

This chicken is really good, im so glad Niall suggested this place. Today was so much fun. I think i really like Niall but i don't know if hes interested. I really hope he is. After we ate the boys dropped me off at my flat and i gave each of them a hug goodbye.  They said that they wanted to hangout again tomorrow. I go inside and do my normal nightly routine. I turn on the tv and slowly feel myself drift off to sleep.




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