Where is my Wonderland?

Dahvie Vanity Fan fic <3


1. Lite em' up

Alexandria's POV

"Excuse me?" I look up from my phone, seeing a horribly impatient woman standing over me.

"Yes, what could I get for you today?" I say with a fake smile hoping that whatever it was wouldn't be too complicated.

"Better service." She says with a smirk and walks back to her table. I roll my eyes and clean off the brewer. I turn around as I hear someone approaching the counter. I looked the guy over, he had bright red contacts, rainbow scene hair similar to mine and a 'pantera' t-shirt. 

"Hi, Welcome to Tim Hortans. What can I get you today?" I ask, trying to sound as cheery as possible. Not that anyone really cared or showed gratitude anyway.

"Hey, I'm Dahvie. Sorry about that chick who just came up here being rude to you."

I nodded my head, "Its fine. I'm quite use to it anyhow."

"Well, there's no reason for it. Hell I'd start slappin' hoes." He said sarcastically.

"Oh believe me, there's times when I've come close." I said smiling.

"I bet Gurl! When do you have your break?" he asks. I check my phone for the time, 2:16.

"I had my break about an hour ago, but I get off here in about fifteen minutes." I say.

"Sweet! Mind if I stick around, Jenny?" I give him a puzzled look.

"Jenny?" I ask.

"Your name tag." I chuckle and shake my head.

"Nope, I'm just using my friends apron. Must have forgot to switch tags."

"Oh, haha. Then what is your name then miss mystery?" He asks, winking.


"Pretty name for a beautiful girl." He says, winking again.


"Don't thank me, its the truth. Anyhow, hang out after you get off?"


"Its okay that I stick around buggin' you till then, right?"

"Your not bugging me at all."

My boss walks out, "Alex, I'm closing up early. You can leave if you want to."

"Oh," I say. "Okay. Thanks Maggie." she nods as I take off my apron and hang it up. I grab my bag and meet Dahvie by the door. He opens it for me.

"What perfect timing, aye?"

"Hell yeah. And your Canadian accent is adorable." he says, taking my hand. I blush and thank him for the compliment. I  grab my long board from out front and he grabs his.

"You ride?" He asks.

"No, I just carry it around to look cool." I say sarcastically.

"Right," he says as I get on my board, pushing myself slowly along the sidewalk, catching up to him. We ride around the streets, talking about nothing in particular. The sun was beginning to set as we exchanged phone numbers and went home.

   Dahvie was defiantly something else, completely unique. He told me he was in a band, blood on the floor or something like that. I listened to some of their music and its pretty electronic. I kinda like it. But most importantly, I liked him.

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