Every Single Fool Can Write

dedikeret til personen som virkelig trak mig ind i alt det her skrive-halløj. Mange tak.


8. Did I Make You Cry?

You once said my words were beautiful.

They made you want to cry

But now you dont read my poems

I'm not gonna try  


Even though im nerdy

I dont seem so dirty

As life could want me to be


But im not gonna give up

I wont back down

So face your fear and problem

And lift me to the skies  


But how can i complain

My story seems to stay the same

Since nobody knows my name  


Im running out of time

You keep dragging me in with that line

I never thought you would be mine  


Hold me now

Dont wake me up

You bring me down

You lift me up

You go on a show for all to see  


Throw me out

Take me home

Bring me out

Kill me now

And leave me in the dust

In the dust

In the dust

In the dust  


How can i explain

This story just seems to never change

Im on a mission for some help  


But dont you worry about me

Cause soon they'll all know me

And you wish that i would change  


Such a selfish compromise

You dont acknowledge my existence

I always knew you weren't fore me  




You once said my words were beautiful

They made you want to cry

Now you dont read my poems

I wont even try

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