Why Did This Happen?

Right before summer guys have a contest for tickets to show and more.. Katie trys her hardest to win, and she does, her and her friend Amanda go to concert and more to come. what happens when Katie's love falls for Amanda? Will she be with him or be a true friend? Who will Katie turn to for comfort? read to find out! :)


22. Were Here!!

My dream....

I was walking on the beach hand in hand with Niall, We were together. Suddenly a bunch of people started swarming us. We got separated. I started yelling his name. No answer. I looked through the crowd and saw him making out with Amanda. 

K: Niall, how could you?

N: I will NEVER love you!

Then him and Amanda went back to making out.


I sat on the ground and started bawling.... 

End of my dream...

I felt someone shaking me. I slowly woke up to a smiling Louis.

Lo: Good Morning Love, were here!

I jump up. 

K: What?! We are??

Lo: Yupp, you okay love?

I wipe my face.

K: Yeah, i'm fine, just a dream...

He gave me a hug.

Lo: You talk in your sleep, you know that.

K: Gosh... how much did I say?

Lo: Enough.

K: I'm sorry...

Lo: It's okay love, come on, lets go have fun!

K: YAY!!!

He laugh at me and we get up to exit the plane. We walk to the baggage area, to get our suitcases. Then we head out front and Louis calls a taxi. We put our stuff in the taxi and hop in. Then it drives away.

Lo: Are you excited??

K: Yes! I'm super excited!

Lo: I'm glad! Your gonna love Eleanor and she is going to love you even more!

K: I can't wait to meet her!!

Lo: I can't wait to see her!

I give him a hug.

About 10 minutes later we arrive to his and Eleanor's flat. We hop out and get our things. Louis sets our stuff on the side walk while the taxi drives away. He runs and knocks on the door. I hear a scream then see Eleanor appear from the house. She jumps in Louis' arms and hugs him tight.

E: I've missed you soooooooo much babe!!!

She kisses him.

Lo: I've missed you too love!

They kiss again.

When they hug again she looks over his shoulder and sees me. She squeals and hops down from Louis' arms and runs over to me. She gives me a big hug.

E: It's so nice to finally meet you!!!!!!

I laugh.

K: Its's nice to meet you to El!!!

We hug each other tight. A while later we let go and Eleanor takes my hand and leads me to the flat.

Lo: Hey! What about her stuff?

E: You can get it babe, can't you? We need Katie and Eleanor time.

Lo: Ugghhh! Fine.

I turn around and wink at him.

Lo: You owe me!

K: Mhmm, sure thing twin!

Eleanor laughs and we go inside. She brings me up to her room. I sit on her bed and she closes the doors and turns on the tv. Then she comes and sits with me.

El: Okay, so since none of the other guys are here yet iv'e set up a girls day/night out! Me, you, Perrie, and Danielle! Were gonna go to the mall and shop till we drop, the we will come back here and me and the girls are going to give you a makeover then were going out. Sound good?

K: Fantastic!! 

E: Yay! Were gonna have so much fun! Let me call the girl so they can come by and we can leave! 

K: Alright!

E: I've just met you and i love you already!

K: Love you too El!!

We hug and she hops off the bed to get her phone. I walk downstairs and see Lou bringing in all the suitcases.

K: Here let me help you Lou Bear!

He gives me a glare and I laugh. I grab my suitcases.

K: Where shall I take these?

Lo: Up to the guestroom.

K: Alright.

I take my suitcases and go up the stairs, I get upstairs and there are like 5 different doors.. I yell down to Louis.

K: Lou?!?!

Lo: Yes???

K: Which is the guestroom?

He laughs at me.

Lo: Last room, to the right.

K: Thanks!

Lo: No prob!!

I walk to the end of the hall and open the door to the right. It's a really pretty room, It's a white room with decorated comforter on the bed, there are like 3 windows so it's really bright, There's another door on the far side of the room. I walk over to it. Oh, my, gosh, its my own balcony that over looks the backyard which has a pool. I'm gonna have to fight the temptation from jumping into it from here. haha. I turn around and there are two doors, i open the first one and its a closet, then the second one is my very own bathroom! I love this room soooo much. I go back to the door and just admire the room.

Lo: You like it?

I squeal.

K: Louis!! You scared the crap out of me!

Lo: Told you, i'd get you back.

He winks at me.

K: You suck but i really like this room, thank you.

I give him a hug.

Lo: No problem twin.

Then Eleanor comes skipping into the room.

E: Soooooo.... I just talked to the girls and they are super excited to see you, they will be here in a little bit so if you want to change or anything you have a little time.

K: Alright, thanks. I can't wait to meet them!

E: I know!! Were all gonna be best friends!!

I smile and give her a hug. 

K: Thanks El.

E: No problem hun! Now come on babe, let her get ready and stuff.

Lo: Okay.

They leave and I get changed, about 10 minutes later Eleanor calls for me.

E: Katie!!!! People are here to see you.

I grab my bag and skip downstairs.......


Aren't Eleanor and Louis just so sweet? Haha. What do you think is going to happen when the girls go out? I'll update soon!! :) I love it when people comment and like this, it gives me like some confidence, if that makes sense haha. XP But, thanks for tuning in!! xx.


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