Why Did This Happen?

Right before summer guys have a contest for tickets to show and more.. Katie trys her hardest to win, and she does, her and her friend Amanda go to concert and more to come. what happens when Katie's love falls for Amanda? Will she be with him or be a true friend? Who will Katie turn to for comfort? read to find out! :)


20. Really?

Harry opens the door and lets me in. It's just like I left it this morning. Hmmm... some special...

H: Katie?

K: Yeah?

H: You still like Niall, don't you?

K: What, why would you say that?

H: Do you?

I nod.

K: You hate me now don't you?

He engulfs me in a hug.

H: I could never,ever hate you.

K: i'm sorry, i've tried and i promise i wasn't just using you....

H: I know love, you can't control who you love, I understand, everything is okay with us, I promise... If you ever need me, I will always be here for you.

K: Thank you Harry.

I hug him again and cry into his shoulder.

H: Hey, hey, it's okay love.

K: Your such a great guy, you know that?

H: Your the great one.

I smile.

H: Now,  how about we go to Starbucks and talk some?

K: I'd like that, can I change first?

H: Haha, sure love.

He walks me to my room and I run in and change, then we leave and go to Starbucks. Once we get their we both order our drinks and find a place to sit.

K: How did you know?

H: Just by the way you look at him, your eyes brighten some and you smile.

K: I'm sorry....

H: Hey, stop it, i'm not angry at you. I just want what's best for you love.

K: I know... but how am I supposed to get a guy who doesn't even like me and is dating one of my friends.

H: Just wait, your time will come.

K: I hope so.

He takes my hand.

H: I know so.

K: Your an amazing friend Haz, I wish i wasn't so stupid.

H: Your not babe. I promise, now be happy.

I smile.

K: Okay.

By the time we are done talking we are finished with our drinks.

H: Let's get back, it's late.

K: Okay. 

We get up and he raps his arm around my shoulder. I laugh and rap my arm around his waist and we leave and go back to the hotel. He walks me to my room.

K: Goodbye Harry.

I kiss his cheek.

H: Good night.

He kisses mine.

K: Um, can I ask you a question?

H: Yeah?

K: Can I kiss you one last time?

I look down and blush of embarrassment. He lifts my chin.

H: Of course.

He kisses me, this kiss is different, I don't feel anything. We pull apart and i smile.

K: Thanks Haz.

H: No problem love.

He hugs me and heads to his room. I shut my door and lean against it. Now what do i do?

I get up and change into my pajamas and crawl into bed and drift to sleep.


Some twist hu? Haha! Comment and like loves!! xx.

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