Why Did This Happen?

Right before summer guys have a contest for tickets to show and more.. Katie trys her hardest to win, and she does, her and her friend Amanda go to concert and more to come. what happens when Katie's love falls for Amanda? Will she be with him or be a true friend? Who will Katie turn to for comfort? read to find out! :)


18. Love <3

We walk to the front of the arena and see 5SOS.

K: Wanna see if they can come too??

Lo: Yes!

I walk over to them.

K: Hey guys!

All: Hey Katie!

They tackle my with hugs, i laugh.

K: Wanna go eat with us??

Luke looks at the guys and they nod.

Lu: Sure!

K: Okay lets go!

We walk back and join the rest of the group. I walk over to Harry and he takes my hand.

K: So where ya'll wanna go?

Harry giggles. I  look at him.

K: What??

H: Ya'll!!

I laugh and turn back to the people.

K: So... Where do you guys wanna go eat?

N: Mc' Donalds!!!!

K: Everyone okay with that?

Everyone nods.

K: Okay, we have to take 2 cars 5SoS and Jayde in one and One Direction, Amanda, and I in another.

Li: That's un even.

K: So?

Li: There's only 6 seats.

K: So?

Li: You just wanna be with Hazza.

K: Yupp!

Z: Go ride with Jayde so she isn't lonely.

I look at Harry and he nods.

K: Okay..

I give Harry a kiss and walk to the other car.

I sit by Luke, Jayde sits by Ashton, and Calum and Michael are in the front. Jayde and Ashton seem to be hitting it off. I bet they like each other. I get out my phone and text Jayde.

K: You like him hu?

J: Yes ^.^

K: Awwweee!

Then I text Ashton.

K: You like her hu?

A: Yes, I, do!

K: Awwwe!! Put your arm around her, she likes you too!

A: Uhh, i'm not sure...

K: Just do it!

A: Okay, okay Miss Sassy.

K: Thanks! xx.

I put my phone up and see Ashton putting his arm around Jayde. Awwweee! Young love! Luke nudges me and I look at him. 

Lu: What going on with them?

K: Love, duh.

Lu: Awweee!

They turn around.

K: Nothing!

The car stops and I bolt out laughing and wait by the door.

 I have my back faces towards the One Direction car and look at the 5SOS car while giggling. Suddenly someone comes behind me and raps their arms around my waist. I jump.

H: Boo!

I turn around and slap his shoulder.

K: Harry! You scared me!

He gave me a kiss and I kissed back.

H: Let's go eat, i'm starving!

K: Me too!

We walk inside and get a table big enough for all of us. I whisper to Harry.

K: I'm hooking Ashton and Jayde up!

H: Nuhh uhhh!

K: Yes huu! Look!

Ashton and Jayde walk through the door holding hands. Jayde catches my eyes and i mouth to her. "You Two?" She nods. I clap. Then she blushes.

K: Told you so!

H: Hmmm.....

K: What do I get for being right.

H: A big kiss from your amazing  boyfriend.

K: hmm.. wonder who that could be..?

His mouth forms an O and i giggle and pull him in for a kiss. We kiss for a little bit before being interrupted by Louis.. I look up... wait it's Niall..

N: Come eat.

H: Ugh! okay....

We walk to the table with the rest of the group to sit down and eat. Me and Harry share some chicken nuggets and french fries and a coke. Once everyone is done we leave and head back to the tour buses. When we get back we all say our goodbyes to Jayde.

J: I'll see you soon.

She winks. I laugh.

She gives everyone a hug, Ashton being last. She kisses him and then leaves. I walk over and give Ashton a pat on the back.

K: I'm happy for ya'll.

A: Thanks, hopefully i'll see her soon, i miss her already.

K: Everything will work hun, ya'll are a really cute couple.

A: Thanks Katie.

He gives me a hug and i walk onto the tour bus and get my night clothes on. I walk to Harry's bunk and crawl in it with him. He raps his arm around my waist and kisses me.

H: I love you.

K: I love you too.

I kiss him again.

H: Goodnight babe.

K: Goodnight.

I cuddle into him and drift to sleep.


I'm sorry I haven't updated you guys, school has been crazy and i've had loads of homework. I'm trying my best to work everything in for ya'll. But i hope you like my story so far... It's far from over. There you go Jayde, I hope your happy with it! Comment and Like please! Bye loves! xx.



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