Why Did This Happen?

Right before summer guys have a contest for tickets to show and more.. Katie trys her hardest to win, and she does, her and her friend Amanda go to concert and more to come. what happens when Katie's love falls for Amanda? Will she be with him or be a true friend? Who will Katie turn to for comfort? read to find out! :)


23. Girls day!

Once i get downstairs all the girls start to scream. I laugh when I see Louis on the couch, covering his ears and making a really funny face, the girl start laughing and pull me into a group hug.

D: It's so nice to meet you!!!!!

P: Ahh! i can't believe your finally here!

K: Awe you girls!! It's lovely to meet yall too!

They let go.

E: Were all going to be the best of friends!

K: I know right, i just met all of yall, and i feel like i've known you forever.

P: Same here, you fit in great.

I flip my hair with my hand.

K: I try.

They ll start laughing.

E: Okay, what do you want to do first.

I look at the other girls and we smirk and yell.

All: Shopping!!!

Then we start laughing again.

E: Okay lets go! Bye Lou, love you.

Lo: Uhhh! No kiss?!

He makes a pouting face. She giggles and skips over to him and gives him a kiss. Then she gives him a hug and skips back over to us.

K, P, & D: Awwwweeeee!!!!!

E: Lets go you dorks!

We all walk outside and get into Eleanor's car. Eleanor is driving, i'm in the passenger seat, and Perrie and Danielle are in the back.

P: So Katie, why don't you tell us about yourself?

K: Well... I'm from Texas, I love to play softball and listen to music, ummm  i'm 17, my birthday is December 2nd, and ummm i don't know what else.

D: You like to play softball, that's cool.

K: Thanks

P: Do you have a boyfriend.

I look down and shake my head. Perrie rubs my arm.

P: Hey love, theres nothing to be ashamed about, any guy would be lucky to have you!

K: Thanks Perrie.

P: Just being honest.

I smile.

E: What happened with you and Harry?

K: Well... it's kind of a long story.

E: We have all the time in the world, you can tell us anything!

K: Okay well.... At first I liked Niall but then he got with my ex-bestfriend, then Harry was always there for me and he ended up asking me out, we dated 2 months but on our 2 month anniversary we broke up because i still like Niall and he could tell...

E: Awe, I'm sorry love.

K: It's okay, were still friends and everything, he was very understanding.

E: That's good!

D: Well whoever this bitch is that did that to you is terrible.

K: I know... but i'm over it.... in the end she is in Ireland with him and i'm not.

P: It's his loss babes.

K: I guess....

E: It is! Now lets stop the sadness and have fun! Today is your day Katie!

I laugh.

K: Okay.

Eleanor turns up the radio and a One Direction song was on, Best Song Ever to be exact. We all look at each other and bust out laughing.

K: The odds.

We all shrug and laugh again. Then we start singing and dancing to the music. We jam to the radio until we get to the mall. Once we are in the girls drag me into like every store and get me to try on and get a bunch of clothes and stuff. They even bought some stuff even though I told them not to! We have a blast and end up walking out with arm fulls of bags. Once we get to the car we load everything into the trunk. Then we all hop in.

K: There's one thing i want to do... could you guys take me?

E: Sure! What is it?

K: I want to dye my hair...

P: Yes! Lets go see Lou!!

K: I get to meet Lou Teasdale?!?

P: Well yeah, she is amazing with hair! 

K: Yay!

E: Okay, let me call her!

She takes out her phone and calls Lou. She's on the phone for a couple of minutes then hangs up.

E: Okay, thanks Lou! Bye.

K, D, & P: Sooooooooo?????

E: She would love to and said to come right over!

K, D, & P: Yayyyyy!!!!!!

We head over to Lou's house and walk up to her door. Perrie knocks. Minutes later Lou answers it with baby Lux next to her.

Lou: Come on in ladies.

We walk into Lo's house and into the living room.

Lou: Now! Who am I working with??

I forward.

Lou: You must be Katie! I have heard so much about you! What would you like done?

K: Umm... could you give me blue tips?

Lou: Of course, come on to the back where my stuff is.

We walk to the back and when the girls try to come in she stops them.

Lou: Nope! Stay and watch Lux.

They groan.

E, P, & D: Okay......

Lou shuts the door.

Lou: Take a seat hun!

I sit in her seat and she gets to work....

A couple of hours later she is finished. She turns me around to face the mirror.... It looks fantastic!!! I love it! 

K: Oh my gosh Lou! Thank you sooooo much!! I love it!

I give her a hug.

Lou: No problem love, i'm glad.

K: How much do I owe you?

Lou: Nothing, it's my hello gift.

K: Thanks Lou!

Lou: Your very welcome.

I walk to the door and open it.. All the girls look at me. Then they start screaming and run over to me.

E: You look beyond gorgeous!! It looks good hun!

P: Very! 

D: Ahh! I love it!

K: Thanks you guys!

They give Lou hugs.

E: Okay, we have to get going, we have to get ready for tonight, thanks Lou for having us!

K: Thanks Lou!

Lou: No problem have fun you crazy kids!

All: We will!!

We all give Lux hugs.

Lux: Bu.. bu.. bye Ka...tie

K: Awwe! by Lux, it was so nice to meet you!

Then we leave and head back to the house.


OMG you guys!! 400 readers! Thats crazy that people actually take time to read my movella, it means alot! My goal really is to get in the most popular but i know thats asking alot so thanks to you people that read this! Sorry for lacking to update, i just give readers a chance to catch up and get more readers. But i'll update as soon as i can! Read, comment, and like! Thanks! xx.

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