Why Did This Happen?

Right before summer guys have a contest for tickets to show and more.. Katie trys her hardest to win, and she does, her and her friend Amanda go to concert and more to come. what happens when Katie's love falls for Amanda? Will she be with him or be a true friend? Who will Katie turn to for comfort? read to find out! :)


19. Fast Forward Some..

So the past few week have been lots of fun, there have been lots of concerts, food, and kisses with my Harry, we have been together for some time, i'm happy. Tonight is our 2 month anniversary actually. I wonder if he has anything planned? Probably just a date. We are in California at the moment and checked into a nice hotel.

I stir awake and open my eyes to no one next to me. I frown. Where is he?

I look at the night stand and see a note. I open it and read it.

Dear My Love,

Happy 2 months babe! Today I have somethings special planned for us. I give no hints except meet me at the beach at 2 o'clock. I love you. See you soon! xx.


Harry <3

I smile and look at my phone, it's 11:00 i have 3 hours to get ready! I jump out if bed and get my clothes ready for when i get out of the shower. I put my Iphone on the dock and put on some music. I turn it up and hop in the shower.

Once i'm out of the shower i put on my clothes which is a white lace dress with a brown belt and brown toms, i think it looks good. Then I do my hair and make up, I blow dried my hair and left it like that then put on just a little make up. Then i'm ready to go. I look at my phone and it is 1:30. I gasp and put a bathing suit in my bag just in case and leave the hotel to go to the beach.

When I get there I see  beautiful pick nick, it's cute. I smile and walk over to it, but there's no Harry... I sit down and wait, suddenly my eyes were covered. I giggled.

K: Harry!

no answer..

K: Harry?

H: Yes my love?

I smile and take his hands. He helps me up and I turn to face him.

H: You look beautiful.

I blush.

K: Thank you.

I kiss him.

H: Did you bring a bathing suit?

K: Yes

H: Okay, lets eat then we can get changed and go for a swim?

K: Okay.

I smile and kiss him again. He raps his arms around my waist and I rap mine around his neck. He sits us down and breaks our kiss.

He pulls 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, some grapes, and 2 cokes.

K: Yumm!

H: Haha, I knew you would like it.

I kiss him again and we eat our food. Once we are done we both go and change in the changing rooms they have on the beach  brought a neon pink bikini that looks really good. I smile at my appearance in the mirror and head out to see my Harry. He is dressed in blue swim trunks and his abs are nice and toned, I can't help but stare.

H: Like what you see?

He winks.

K: Very much.

I walk over to him and kiss him. I don't know what has come over, i just want him so bad! 

He puts his hands on my bum signalling me to jump so i do and rap my legs around his waist while he holds me up by my bum. I giggle into the kiss and deepen it. He breaks our kiss.

H: Someone is very loving today!

K: Oh hush!

I get down and grab his hand and we walk to the water. We get to the water and swim around a bit. It felt so good. I pulled him and we got deeper, of course im shorter than him so when we get to here it's by his shoulders i can't touch.

H: Awe, my shorty can't touch.

K: Oh shut up.

He pulls my hand and i rap my legs around him. We kiss.

K: Harry?

H: Yes love?

K: I think i'm ready, tonight?

H: What?

K: I want you tonight?

H: You do?

I blush and nod. He lifts my chin and kisses me.

H: I love you Katie, i'm going to make this special for you.

I smile.

K: I love you too Harry.

We kiss again.

H: you ready to go so i go so i can get everything ready?

I nod.

He carries me out of the water and gets us towels to dry off.

H: I'll text Lou to meet you at the hotel to take you and do stuff while i get ready.

K: Harry, you don't have to do all of this, I just want you.

H: But I want to, I want to make it special, now go.

He kisses me and I walk to the car and head to the hotel to meet Louis. When I get to the hotel Louis, Niall, and Amanda are waiting outside. I stop by the curb and  they hop in.

K: What do we do?

A: Mall!!

K: Niall? Lou?

Lo & N: Mall!

K: Mall it is then.

They all laugh and i drive to the mall. We arrive and walk in.

Amanda comes beside me.

A: So you and Harry tonight??

She winks.

I turn around and slap Louis.

Lo: What was that for?!

K: You told them?

Lo: Just Amanda!

N: Told Amanda what?

Lo: Katie's gonna loose her v-card tonight!!

Niall tenses up.

I slap Louis.

K: Louis! 

Lo: Sorry!

K: Uggh let's just go!

We walk through the mall and buy multiple things. Then we go to victoria's secret and they make me pick out "sexy clothes" for Harry tonight. Niall has seemed upset the whole time, wonder what's up with him. What if he's jealous of me and Harry? He couldn't be though, cause he's with Amanda... He would never like me..

After a couple of hours we leave and head back to the hotel. I get to my hotel and change into my "sexy clothes". There is a note on my night stand. I pick it up and read it.


Come to my room love. xx.

-Harry <3

I half smile and sit on the bed. Do I really want this? Do I still love Niall? What do I do? Will Harry hate me if I tell him this?

I get up and walk to Harry's room. I knock......


Hmm.. things may or may not get heated... Don't judge me if it does! OMG!! Have you heard Diana yet? It's amazing!!!!!!!!! But anyways.... Comment and like!! xx.

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