Why Did This Happen?

Right before summer guys have a contest for tickets to show and more.. Katie trys her hardest to win, and she does, her and her friend Amanda go to concert and more to come. what happens when Katie's love falls for Amanda? Will she be with him or be a true friend? Who will Katie turn to for comfort? read to find out! :)


17. Concert!

We all decided to go eat at the olive garden, it's about 1 o'clock and the guys concert is at 7 so we have plenty of time, we go inside and get seated and decide what we are going to eat, I always get the chicken Alfredo.

Li: Okay girls, we have a question?

K & A: Yes?

Li: So we have a break in a few weeks to go back home for a little while, would you like to come with us?

I look at Amanda and she nods.

K: Yes!

Lo: Yay!!!! More twin time!!

Everybody laughs. Harry whispers to me.

H: More time for us. 

I blush and he winks at me.

We order and soon get our food. By the time we are finished we have about 2 hours until the concert, i know we took forever but we mostly just sat and talked. They guys pay and we go back to the tour bus to get ready.

I picked out a little sundress and black flats. I straightened my hair and put on some make up. When i'm finished i put up my stuff and some one comes behind me and whispers.

H: You look beautiful.

K: Thanks babe.

I turn around and kiss him. He kisses back.

H: Can we have a little us time when we get back?

He winks.

K: Of course.

I wink back.

Lo: Come on love birds! It's time to go!!!

K: Coming Lou Bear!!!

I take Harry's hand and we walk to the others. They all look good.

Lo: I must say, I have a good looking twin. 

He winks. I laugh.

K: Thanks Lou!

I give him a hug.

Li: Now whose ready to rock?!

Everybody raises their hands.

We all head out and into the arena. We are met by Paul.

P: Okay ladies, one of the security guards will lead you to your seats.

K: Alright.

I go up to Harry and give him a kiss.

K: You'll do great.

H: Thanks babe.

K: Tell 5SOS I said good luck!

All: We will.

Amanda and Niall kiss and Amanda re joins me.

P: Ready?

K & A: Yupp!

The security guard lead us to our seats, there's a girl next to us, she has beautiful red hair and blue eyes.

K: Hi, i'm Katie.

J: I'm Jayde.

K: It's nice to meet you are you excited?

J: Yes, super excited!

K: Me too.

J: Are you sitting by me?

K: Yeah.

J: Great, now I at least have one person.

K: You didn't come with anyone?

J: Nope.

K: Oh, well we will have fun together.

J: Yay!

I look at my phone and its 6:55, it's about to start. Me and Jayde talk a little while longer until 5SOS come out. The sing Heartbreaker Girl first. Me and Jayde dance and sing along. A little bit goes by and they leave. They all wave towards me. Luke blew me a kiss.

J: Oh my gosh, did you see that?!?!

K: Yes, haha.

J: How the hell are you so calm.

I just shrug my shoulders. They start to set up and Paul comes over to us.

P: You doing alright girls?

J: Omg, your Paul Higgins.

P: That I am.

J: Can you tell the guys I said hi?!

P: Of course. 

He looks at me and I wink.

The guys come out and start their performance. me, Amanda, and Jayde dance and sing around. The guys find us and wave, Harry winks at me. Jayde screams.

J: Oh my gosh, they all waved at us!!

I just start laughing.

Soon they are done and everybody starts to leave.

J: This is the best day of my life!

K: It's not over yet.

J: What?

K: Follow us.

We head backstage.

J: How do you guys get to come back here?!

K: We have connections.

We walk o the dressing room. All the guys are usually in Lou's so we go there. I knock on the door and soo the door is answered by Liam.

Li: Hey Katie, Amanda, and you are?

She's in shock.

K: This is my new friend Jayde, I met her during the concert.

Li: Hello love.

J: Hi.

We walk inside and Louis screams.

Lo: MY TWIN!!!!

He comes and tackles me.

K: Ughh Lou, your heavy.

He laughs and gets off.

K: Okay, this is my friend Jayde, I met her at the concert and she is crazy for you guys.

All: Hello Jayde!!

J: Hey guys!

They all hug her.

K: Okay so i'm hungry.

N: Me too!

Z: Well let's go eat.

I turn toward Jayde.

K: Wanna go eat with us?

J: Of course!

We all start to leave and Harry grabs my hand. He kisses me and I kiss back.

H: How did I do?

K: Amazing!

We kiss again.

K: Come one before they leave us.

H: Okay..

He grabs my hand and we catch up to the others.


There you go Jayde!!!! I hope your happy with this so far! I'll update again soon! Comment and Like!! Thanks loves!! xx.

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