Why Did This Happen?

Right before summer guys have a contest for tickets to show and more.. Katie trys her hardest to win, and she does, her and her friend Amanda go to concert and more to come. what happens when Katie's love falls for Amanda? Will she be with him or be a true friend? Who will Katie turn to for comfort? read to find out! :)


6. Concert Time!!! Part 2

I opened the door and once i saw who it was my jaw dropped... It was PAUL HIGGINS!! Like the Paul Higgins!!! 

P: Hello ladies.

He gave us a warm smile.

K: I... uh... Hi.

P: Are you excited?

K: Your Paul Higgins.

P: Haha.. That I am, I talked to your parents and I will be taking you to the concert and everything.

K: Thanks you! And yes we are super excited!

P: Glad to hear that, Are you ready?

K: Yes we are, I'm Katie and  this is my best friend Amanda.

P: Oh, I can already tell the boys are gonna like you.

K: Really, you think so??

P: I know so, now if you will give me you guys' bags and we will be on our way.

K: Okay, you can come inside while we get everything.

We all walk inside, me and Amanda run upstairs to get our suitcases and everything.

K: Aren't you just soooo excited?!?!?!

A: OMG!! YES I AM!!!

K: Shh.... Paul with hear us! You don't want him to think we are crazy do you?

A: Haha, no i do not!

K: I can not believe The Paul Higgins is in my house!!

A: Calm down and lets go.

K: Okay, Okay...

We take our stuff down stairs.

P: Ready?

K: As we'll ever be.

P: Good let's go girls!

I run up to my mom and dad, i give them big hugs.

K: Bye Mom! Bye Dad! I love you!

M & D: Love you too, have fun, be good!

K: Of course i will.

I walk back over to Paul and Amanda.

K: Now i am ready!

------------------------------------------------------------- Skip Car Ride ----------------------------------------------------

We get to the Toyota Center and i start to get butterflies. Paul drives to the back and drives inside to the building. Once the car stops i really start to get nervous. We all get out.

P: Okay ladies, first we can go see the boys and introduce your selfs, we will take your stuff to the tour bus afterwards.

K: Okay

i smile as we walk towards where the guys are. Paul leads us to a area by the stage. 

P: Hold on quick, let me go get them.

K: Okay...

He walks away and i look at Amanda and mouth oh my god, she just starts laughing. Suddenly we hear a bunch of people, i turn my attention back to where Paul walked to and see him, One Direction, and 5SOS walking towards us. I stare in awe but quickly shake it off and try to act normal.


I giggle.

K: Hi Louis.

I nudge Amanda to say something but she is frozen.

P: Alright boys introduce yourselves.

Lo: You apparently already know, i'm Louis.

Li: I'm Liam.

Z: Hi, i'm Zayn.

H: I'm Harry.

N: i'm Niall.

Lu: I'm Luke

M: I'm Michael.

C: I'm Calum.

As: And i'm Ashton!

I hit hips with Amanda to get her to speak.

A: I.. um.. i'm Amanda.

K: and i'm Katie.

Niall points at me.

N: Your the one that won the contest?

K: Yes i am.

Li: Well ladies, we will catch up with you later on, we have rehearsing to do.

They come up to us and hug each of us. I really enjoyed the Horan hug from Niall.

K: Bye guys!

All of them: Bye girls, have fun tonight!

K & A: We will!

Once they leave i turn towards Amanda.

K: Oh My  Goshhh.... We Just Met One Direction And 5 Seconds Of Summer... And We Hugged All Of Them... 

A: I Know Right... I'm Sooo Blown Away!!

K: Haha, We are gonna have so much fun!


Here you go!!!!!! Like, comment, and read, i will update again soon!

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