Why Did This Happen?

Right before summer guys have a contest for tickets to show and more.. Katie trys her hardest to win, and she does, her and her friend Amanda go to concert and more to come. what happens when Katie's love falls for Amanda? Will she be with him or be a true friend? Who will Katie turn to for comfort? read to find out! :)


5. Concert Time!!! Part 1

Today's the day!! Oh My Gosh I Am FREAKING OUT!!!! I can't believe im seeing, meeting, and staying with the loves of my life today! I must be dreaming, this kind of stuff just doesn't happen for me?! *pinch* Okay, OUCH, i'm not dreaming! Amanda is coming over later to get ready with me, i hope she is as excited as me, cause if not i'm not gonna know what to do with myself. 

*knock* *knock* *knock* I sprint down the stairs and open the door to see my excited best friend.


After our little fangirling session we both just bust out laughing.

K: Ok, ok, come inside before we get the cops called on us.

A: Haha, ok

She walks in and we walk up to my room to start getting ready.

K: Do you want to take a shower first or me?

A: You can, i will pick out your cloths and when i take a shower, you can pick out mine. Deal?

K: Alrighty, put on some music and be quick cause my shower won't take long.

A: Girl.... I already know what i want you to wear.

K: Haha okay, brb

A: Have fun!!

K: Okayy!!

I go in the bathroom, strip, and hop into the shower.

----------------------------------------------------- 15 minutes later --------------------------------------------------------

i know your what your thinking... What, I thought she said she was taking a quick shower?? Well, that is a quick shower for me, most of my showers last a hour or two. But anyways... I walk into my room and find Amanda waiting for me on my bed. 

A: About time!!

K: Shut up and go take your shower! ;)

A: Well then Mrs. Sassy Pants, i think you and Louis will get along just fine!

K: Me too! XP

I stick my tongue out at her, she does the same and walks into the bathroom to shower. I walk over to my bed to see what she has picked out for me, there is some blue jean shorts, my black & white converse, and a british tank top, hmm i didn't even know i had this but she chose good choice.  

Once Amanda is in the shower i pick out her outfit, i picked her out blue jean shorts, red converse, and her american flag tank top. It looks really good if I do say so myself. Once Amanda is out of the shower she approves her outfit and we both get changed. 

We look at our outfits in the mirror, then at each other

A & K: We look hot!!

We both bust out laughing then do do our hair. Amanda straightens hers and i lightly curl mine but to where it looks more wavy but still curly, if that makes sense to you.

Then we do our make up, Amanda puts on a bunch of make up, i don't know why cause shes gorgeous with out it. I just put on some eyeliner, mascara, a little base but not much, and lip gloss.

After some little touch ups i was ready to go.

K: Hey, you ready to go?

A: No, imma mess!!!

K: Yeah cause your wearin all that make up.

A: What?!?!

K: I think your wearin a tad to much, you look beautiful with out any, just put some mascara on and eyeliner, you really don't need more than that.

A: Well, soorrrryyyy for wanting to look good, unlike you!

I was so shock at what she just said to my, my mouth hangs open.

A: Oh my gosh Katie, i'm so sorry! You look perfect, more beautiful than me, im sorry that came out i'm just so nervous!

K: I.. uhh.. it's okay

she gives me the biggest hug.

A: I truly am sorry.

I hug her back.

K: it's okay, you ready to go now.

A: Yeah! Lets go have the time of our lifes!!!

*knock* *knock* *knock* I walk down the stairs and open my door to...........


Hey guys, im so sorry i haven't updated, i've been so busy with school stuff! 

Who do you think is at the door?? Comment below! :))



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