Why Did This Happen?

Right before summer guys have a contest for tickets to show and more.. Katie trys her hardest to win, and she does, her and her friend Amanda go to concert and more to come. what happens when Katie's love falls for Amanda? Will she be with him or be a true friend? Who will Katie turn to for comfort? read to find out! :)


21. Break!

The next morning i am shaken awake. I open my eyes and they meet Louis.

Lo: Sooooooo..... What happened last nigh?

K: Nothing.

Lo: What??

K: We broke up..

Lo: Why? 

K: It's a long story....

Lo: Well, we have plenty of time!

K: Okay.... so i still have feelings for Niall and Harry some how knew and we talked about it, and we decided to end it, he's was very kind about it... Were still great friends. And when I kissed him for the last time last night, i didn't feel anything... no sparks.. no nothing... 

Lo: Wow. Well that was very touching Katie, but whatever you do, i'm behind you 100% love.

K: Thanks Lou!

I give him a hug.

Lo: Now what i really came by to tell you is, to pack up all your stuff for the break, you can stay with me and Eleanor.

K: Yay!! I get to meet Eleanor!!!

Lo: Haha! I'm glad your excited.

K: Can I meet the other girlfriends too?

Lo: That's up to Liam and Zayn.

K: Haha okay, well get out so i can pack.

Lo: Why can't I stay here?

K: I don't need you seeing my underwear and stuff!

Lo: Haha! Fine! Bye dork!

K: Bye Lou Bear!!

He leaves and i start to pack. It takes me about half a hour to pack up all of my things. Once i'm done I go bang on Louis door.

K: Lou Bear!!

Instead of seeing Louis like i expected, Niall is the one that opened the door. I blush.

K: Oh, I, Uh, was trying to mess.. with Lou.

N: Haha, it's okay love, come in.

He moves to the side and i walk in, i brush against him and immediately get butterflies. Stop it Katie!!

Lo: You all packed love?

K: Yepp! 

Lo: Alright, we all leave in about 2 hours.

K: Okay!

Lo: Are you excited?!

K: Super duper excited!!! I can't wait to see Eleanor!

Lo: She can't wait either, she already loves you and hasn't even met you yet.

K: Yay!

Lo: Now, get your crap and let's go!

K: sir yes sir!

I salute to him and Niall laughs. I look at him and stick my tongue, he does the same. I walk to my room and get my suitcases. We all head to the car. I have no where to sit.. 6 seats and 7 people.

Harry pats his lap.

H: Come on love!

I laugh and sit on his lap.

Once we get to the airport we all wait on our flights. Me and Lou are just going to London but everyone else is going to visit family, then coming to London.

Speaker: Flight 109 to Holmes Chapel

H: That's me!

He gives everyone a hug, i'm last.

H: Bye love, i'll miss you!

K: Bye Haz! 

He gives me a big hug and leaves. Then I start to think, if we hadn't broken up, I would be on that plane with him....

Speaker: Flight 206 to Bradford.

Z: I love you guys!! 

All: We love you to!

He hugs everyone and when he hugs me he picks me up and squeezes me.

Z: See you soon love!

K: Haha, bye Zayn!

I squeeze him tight then he leaves.

Speaker: Flight 389 to Wolverhampton.

Li: i'll miss you all!

All: We'll miss you too!

He hugs everyone, when he hugs me his lasts a little longer.

Li: Have fun love.

K: You too.

Then he leaves. Now it's just me, Niall, Louis, and Amanda... Niall is biting his nails, he's probably so excited to go home.

Speaker: Flight 405 to Mullingar.

N: Yess!

K: Haha, i'll miss you too Niall.

I give Amanda a hug then Niall comes over to me.

N: Bye.

K: Bye Nialler.

He gives me a big Horan hug, i really didn't want to let go... but I did... then they left.

Lo: Just us now...

K: I know..

A small tear escapes.

Lo: Hey, we'll see them soon.

K: I know.. it's just.. that should be me on that plane... not her...

Lo: I know love, i know.

He gives me a hug.

Speaker: Flight 115 to London

Lo: That's us love!

K: Let's go!

He takes my hand (not like that) and we walk to the plane together. We get settled in.

Lo: Gonna be a long flight love.

K: I know...

I lean against him and drift off to sleep.


Awe! This one almost made me cry even just reading it! Do you think Niall and Katie will ever get together? Comment and like! xx.

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