Loved You First

Emily Como and Harry Styles have been best friends since they were 3. They shared all their secrets with each other.... maybe not ALL their secrets. There is one secret that Harry never told Emily: he is in love with her and has been ever since they were twelve. He has never told her because he was scared of what her reaction might be, but when emily gets engaged to someone else, will his secret finally come out?


15. Party

Natalie’s POV (one hour before party)

 I walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind me. I turned on the shower and let it warm up before hopping in. I put some shampoo into my palm and scrubbed my scalp. Then, I rinsed out the shampoo and did the same with the conditioner.  I washed my body before rinsing off and getting out of the shower. I grabbed a fluffy, white towel and wrapped it around my body. I left the bathroom and went into my closet. After looking around for awhile, I finally found the perfect outfit to wear.




I put on my shirt and jeans before applying a little bit of makeup. I put my earrings in, slipped on my shoes, and waited for Becka to finish getting ready. Once she came down, I called a cab to bring us to Emily’s house. We waited outside for about 5 minutes until the cab pulled up in front of us. I got in, followed by Becka, and texted Louis.  


 To: Louis 

Hey Lou, we're on our way now. We should be there in about ten minutes, I can't wait! 

A few minutes later, my phone buzzed, signaling that I got a text. I took out my phone to read Louis' reply.

Okay! We can't wait either; the girls are so excited to meet you two :)

 I smiled slightly before putting my phone back in my pocket. I'm so excited to meet the other girls. From what I’ve heard, they're all really sweet. I just hope they like me. I was interrupted from my thoughts by the cab stopping.

"Why are we stopping here?" I asked Becka.

"We have to pick up Justin remember?" She replied. 

"Oh yeah, I forgot he was coming with us." I remembered. Soon, I saw Justin coming out from his house.

Here's Justin:


"Hey babe, hey Natalie." He said, giving Becka a kiss on the cheek. 

"Hey Justin." we both said. He sat next to the driver and buckled in. the cab started moving again and we were on our way again.


     The driver slowly stopped the cab and parked on the street. While Becka and Justin were getting out, I paid the driver his money and thanked him for the ride. I got out of the car and went over to Becka and Justin, who were waiting by the door for me. Once I got there, I took a long, deep breath before ringing the doorbell. I heard someone say "They're here!" and then some footsteps. I heard the door being unlocked and then it opened. I was surprised to see that it was Zayn at the door. 

"Hey guys!" He exclaimed happily.

"Hi Zayn!" I said.

"Hey Zayn. This is Justin, my boyfriend." Becka introduced. 

"Hey mate, I'm Zayn. Nice to meet you." Zayn greeted politely.

"Hey. Nice to meet you too." Justin held out his hand for Zayn to shake. Zayn accepted and let us into the house, closing the door behind us. 

"You guys can go out back, that's where everyone else is." He said before walking into the kitchen. I slowly went over to the back door. It was already open, so I walked outside. When I reached the area by the little garden, I noticed all the boys of One Direction, except for Zayn, were sitting on some porch chairs along with some girls.

"Hey! You guys made it." A girl exclaimed. She ran up to me and Becka and hugged us. I think Harry noticed the confused look on my face, because he helped us out.

"That's Emily." I nodded and hugged her back. She's the one who is hosting this party.

"It's nice to meet you Emily. I've heard a lot about you." I said. Becka nodded her head agreeing.

"Let me guess, you heard about me from Harry?" she asked, turning to look at him. I nodded my head.

"Harry, why must you tell everyone about me? First the boys, and now them?" Harry chuckled and shrugged his shoulders. Zayn came back out of the kitchen with tons of food and drinks for us all. 

"Oh, let me help you with those." I requested, grabbing the two six-packs of soda and a bowl of crisps.

"Thanks, love." Love? Why did he just call me love? I shook the thought out of my head and placed the soda on the table. By the time I and zayn were finished putting all of the snacks down, all the seats were taken except for one. Louis, Liam, and Harry were on one of the outdoor couches, Becka was sitting on Justin's lap, and Emily, Danni, and Haley were all on different lounge chairs. The only seat left was behind Zayn. He sat down and looked over to me, and then searched around for more chairs. 

"Here, you can sit on my lap." Zayn offered. I nodded and walked over to him sheepishly. I hesitantly sat down, trying not to fully sit. He pulled me onto him fully and leaned back, the same way that Justin had done before with Becka. I blushed slightly, but turned away so no one could see it. Everyone continued with their conversations, but I noticed that Emily was smirking at me and Zayn.

"Hey Natalie, can you come with me real quick?" She asked. I nodded and got off of Zayn's lap. I followed her upstairs and into what seems to be her bedroom. She shut the door and made me sit on her bed.

"So, you and Zayn huh?" She smiled.

"What are you talking about?" I played dumb, hoping she wouldn't notice.

"Oh don't try to ignore it! I know that you like him, and by the way he looks at you, I think he feels the same way!" She squealed. 

 "Really, you think he likes me?" I asked excitedly.

"Well duh! Why else would he let you sit on his lap?" She came over to me and engulfed me in a huge hug.

"You have to go tell him!" She insisted.

"No way! What if he doesn't like me and we are just imagining things?" I asked worriedly. 

"I'm positive he likes you," She encouraged," just go for it!" 

"Okay, I’ll tell him tonight." I gave in. I know I’m gonna regret this, but I have to try. She squealed with joy before leading me back outside.

"There you guys are!" Harry exclaimed, “We’ve been waiting for you. We want to play truth or dare!" 

"Sorry." I replied timidly. We all went inside and sat down on the floor in the living room.

"I'll go get a bottle!" Louis shouted. He went into the kitchen to get an empty coke bottle. When he got back, we voted that Becka would have to go first. She spun the bottle and it landed on Liam, who was sitting across from her. 

"Truth or Dare?" She asked timidly.

"Truth." he stated simply.

"Um... what is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?" She questioned, more confident now.

"Well... I think the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me is when I was younger and I serenaded this girl that I had a crush on. I sang "Let Me Love You" and then I asked her out. After one date, she dumped me." He said, blushing throughout the whole story.

"Aww! Poor Liam." Danni cooed in a teasing way. Liam stuck his tongue out at her and she did the same back to him. He spun the bottle and, unluckily, it landed on me. 

"Truth or Dare?" He asked with a mischievous smirk on his face. I thought about it a little bit and finally decided.

"Dare." I said.

"Hmmm, what shall we make you do? Oh! I got one. I dare you to kiss Harry every time someone chooses truth." He looked over to Zayn, who had suddenly tensed up. 

"Natalie you don't have to do that." Harry said while looking down at his lap.

"Hey, a dare's a dare. She has to play by the rules. It's only fair." Louis replied. I then spun the bottle and it landed on Louis.

"Truth or Dare?" I quietly asked, hoping he would choose dare.

"I choose... Truth." He decided. Louis turned his head to Zayn and mouthed something I couldn't understand. I started to get nervous as I slowly crawled closer to Harry. 


Zayn's POV (this takes place while Emily and Natalie are upstairs)

 "So Zayn, did you tell Natalie yet?" Liam asked me. 

"No and I don't plan to." Ever since the day we met her, Liam has been bugging me to tell Natalie about my feelings for her. It's getting quite annoying,

"Why won't you just tell her already? I think you might have a pretty good chance with her, since she seems to like you too." 

"Wait, she likes me too? How do you know that?"

"Mate, it's obvious. Did you see how she blushed when you pulled her onto your lap?" He stated.

"Really? She blushed when she sat on my lap?" 

"Yeah. I think you should tell her tonight." He said, patting my shoulder and then getting up to get another drink. Maybe I will tell her tonight.

   ~~~Present (Natalie is just about to kiss Harry) ~~

 I looked towards Louis as he mouthed "It's now or never, mate." My eyes wandered back to Natalie. She was slowly crawling toward him and it was killing me inside. I can't let this happen. I can't watch her kissing him instead of me. 

"Wait! Natalie, can I please talk to you outside for a minute?" I asked quickly. Thank god she didn't kiss Harry yet. It would've broken my heart to see that. She nodded before quickly getting up and walking outside. Liam smirked at me and gave me a thumbs up. I stuck my tongue out at him before following Natalie outside and closing the door.

"I'm glad you wanted to talk to me because one: I did NOT want to kiss harry and two: I need to talk to you too." She smiled sweetly. This is it, no turning back now.

"I uh wanted to say that...." I began.

"I like you." I mumbled incomprehensibly.

"What did you say? I couldn't hear you." 

"I said that I uh... like you." I said a bit louder. I looked down at my feet timidly.

"Me too." She stated, making my head shoot up instantly. 

"What?" I asked, just to make sure I heard correctly.

"I like you too." She said again. I felt a smile rise up onto my face. She smiled at me too. I slowly started to lean in and so did she. Our lips met and I felt relieved that she felt the same way that I do. Then, we heard a bunch of awe's coming from behind us and we turned around to see everyone in the doorway. I started blushing and I could tell that Natalie was too.

"Finally! I thought you guys would never get together." Louis groaned. I chuckled and shooed them away. They all started heading inside to give us some privacy.

"So Natalie, will you go out with me?" I asked nervously.

"Yes, I will go out with you." I hugged her and held her hand. We walked into the living room where everyone was putting on coats and shoes.

"Hey, why is everyone leaving already?" I questioned.

"It's already 11 o'clock and we need to wake up at 6 am tomorrow for practice." Liam replied. I grunted and turned to Natalie.

"Can I have your phone number?" I asked her.

"Yeah I’ll put it in your phone." She replied before grabbing my phone. She started typing something and gave it back to me.


"You're welcome. Bye Zayn!" She exclaimed, hugging me tightly. I hugged her back before being led out the door by the rest of the boys. Best party ever.






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