Loved You First

Emily Como and Harry Styles have been best friends since they were 3. They shared all their secrets with each other.... maybe not ALL their secrets. There is one secret that Harry never told Emily: he is in love with her and has been ever since they were twelve. He has never told her because he was scared of what her reaction might be, but when emily gets engaged to someone else, will his secret finally come out?


3. Meeting My Best Friend

      Emily's POV  ( they are twelve right now)

    *DING DONG* I fiddle with my fingers as I wait for him to open the door. One question kept going through my mind.  'What does he want to tell me?'  All he told me was that he needed to tell me something REALLY important. Suddenly, I hear the door open and I look up to see those emerald green eyes staring down at me. His eyes remind me of the first time I ever saw them, when we were 3. That was the day we became best friends.


               Today is the day me and my mummy are going to visit our new neighbors. We just moved to Holmes Chapel from Wolverhampton yesterday so our neighbors want to throw us a moving in party. Mummy said the neighbors have a little boy my age. I can't wait to meet him!!! When I lived in Wolverhampton, I had a best friend named Liam, but I had to leave him when we moved, so I hope I can have this little boy as my new best friend.

   " Emmy, it’s time to go!" she shouts from the kitchen. I run down the stairs as fast as my little, stubby legs can carry me. Once I get down, mummy holds my hand while we walk next door. She knocks at the door and waits for it to open. When it does, I see a little, curly-haired boy staring at me with his emerald green eyes from behind his mum's leg. He walks over to me slowly while our mums are introducing themselves.

  " Hi, I'm Harry!" he exclaims, happy to see me.

   " Hi Harry, I'm Emily!" I say, just as excitedly as him.

   " Wanna play with me outside?" 

    " Sure!" He takes my hand and leads me outside where we play all day long. This was the start of a whole new friendship that would last forever.

                                                         End of Flashback 

        "Hey Emmy!" 

         "Hi Harry. What did you want to talk to me about?" I asked while walking through the doors and up stairs into his room. He walks in and closes the door behind him.

        "Oh um... I uh...... made that up......because I umm.....wanted to hang out with you." He nervously states. I can tell he's lying but I just decide to drop it. 

       "Okay? Let's watch a movie!" I exclaim while turning on the DVD player.

       "Okay, what movie?" He asked, even though he already knew my answer.

       "FINDING NEMO!!!!" I scream. He laughs before he replies.

        "Of course you want to watch that, why can't we watch my favorite movie for a change?"

        "Okay, Okay, put it in." I sigh giving in. He takes out 'Love Actually' and puts it in the DVD player. Then we snuggle up together and soon enough, I fall asleep with my head on his chest.

                                                 Harry's POV

   UGH! I chickened out once again. Why can't I just admit to her that I'm in love with her? Every time I try, I end up chickening out because I think about what would happen if she didn't feel the same, and then I have to lie to her. Why can't I just say it? I've done it about 2 million times in my head, so why can't I say it out loud? I look down and see her asleep on my chest. Every time I see this, I can't help but dream about how wonderful it would feel to hold her like this every day. I sigh, knowing that she probably doesn't and never will feel the same about me, so that dream will most likely never come true. My eyelids slowly start to fall and soon, the darkness overcomes my whole body as I fall into a deep sleep.




                --Hello! how was this chapter? I hope you like it! tell me what you think about it in the comments! byeee--<3 Danielle






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