Loved You First

Emily Como and Harry Styles have been best friends since they were 3. They shared all their secrets with each other.... maybe not ALL their secrets. There is one secret that Harry never told Emily: he is in love with her and has been ever since they were twelve. He has never told her because he was scared of what her reaction might be, but when emily gets engaged to someone else, will his secret finally come out?


14. Invitation

 Louis's POV (five days later)

 Since over the past few days Natalie, Becka, the boys, and I were getting along well, I decided to invite Natalie and Becka to Emily's party so they can meet Danni, Haley, and Emily. I was walking through the halls, looking for Natalie when I bumped into someone. They almost fell, but luckily I caught them first.

"Sorry, I was just trying to find Natalie. Do you know where she is?" I said. I looked down and realized who it was. She giggled.

"Hey Louis!' Natalie said.

"Hey! I was just wondering if you and Becka wanted to come to a little party that my friend Emily's having tonight. It's not gonna be big, just a few people." I asked.

"Sure! I'd love to go, but I'll have to ask Becka if she wants to go too." she replied.

"Okay. Well, I have to go to practice now. See you later!" I gave her a quick hug and started to walk away.

"Bye, Louis!" she called after me. I left the hallway and started walking back to the stage, where I saw the rest of the boys talking and fooling around like always. I went over to them and told them that we had to practice. They all nodded and followed me out onto the stage. We started practicing this week’s song.


      Natalie's POV

 I went back to me and Becka's room after my talk with Louis about the party. I walked into my room to find Becka writing a new song.

"Hey Becka, you wanna go to a party tonight with the boys and a few of their friends?"

"OOOOO!! Is Zayn gonna be there?" she said winking at me. Ever since I told her about my crush on Zayn, she hasn't stopped teasing me.

"Yes, but I need an answer for Louis."

"Sure, but can I bring Justin?" she asked.

"I guess so. I'll go tell Louis that we're coming." I said going back into the hallway. Along the way, I saw Zayn, so I decided to ask him to tell Louis.

"Hey zayn, can you tell Louis that Becka said yes?" I asked.

"Yeah sure. What did she say yes to?"

"Louis invited us to a party that your friend, Emily I think, is having tonight. Oh and can you tell him that she's gonna bring her boyfriend Justin along too?" I replied.

"Oh, ok. Well have to go see you later tonight." he waved goodbye and disappeared down the hall. I went to the kitchen to grab a snack and then went back to me and Becka's room to help her write the song.

 Zayn's POV

 I went into Louis's room and looked around for him. I saw him in the corner of his bed listening to music with his eyes closed. I walked over to him and tapped on his shoulder. He turned around and took out his headphones.

"Yeah mate?" he asked.

"Natalie wanted me to tell you that Becka said yes to the party."

"Oh, thanks!" he responded.

"She also said that Becka was gonna bring her boyfriend Justin along too. Is that okay?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, that’s fine. The more the merrier, right?"

"Yeah. I'm gonna go take a shower. Bye!" I said exiting the room and walking to my own. I can't wait for the party tonight. Maybe this will be a chance for me to tell Natalie about my feelings for her.


 Hey guys. I'm so sorry i haven't been updating like i said i would but i've been really busy at school and i just started dance so i might not be able to update on Friday's, but I'll try to update whenever I can. Bye- <3 Danielle 



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