Teenage troubles

Being Harry styles 18 year old daughter is not always easy. From the paparazzi, to the annoying friends always wanting to meet your dad. Not to mention that you are in love with your dads best mate, who by the way has known you since you were a baby. (If you haven't read Forever and Always you need to read it)


10. Run away together

       (Darcy's pov):

so after the whole thing happened with Justin, I told management. They were upset and angry and made me be with that jackass anyway. (I personally love bieber, but I love 1D more) As much as I hated it, that's what comes with being the daughter of 1/5s worlds biggest boy band!! Anyway today I was supposed to go out with Justin, which did not sound very fun, but management said I could have Zayn with me in case he tries anything. So when Zayn and I got up we got ready and waited for Justin to come. Zayn wanted me to wear sweats and one of his shirts so I didn't look to revealing for him, so I did because I could understand what he meant. As I was sitting on the couch Zayn could see I was getting nervous. He came up to me and scooped me up and placed me in his lap as I lay my head on his chest. "Baby, don't be nervous, I will be there in case anything happens, and I will keep you safe" "I know, I just don't trust him, and I don't want to be with him, it doesn't matter if you are there" "your safe with me and you know that, I love you ok?" "I love you to" I heard my phone buzz and went to get it. To:Darcy from: Dad, hey sweetie, just heard from management and Justin had to cancel, love you!" I was so happy! "Zayn!!" "What is it babe?" "Justin cancelled, do you know what that means?" "Oh I think I know, let's watch a movie and cuddle all day" "your so adorable" "oh baby girl I know you love it" we put In Alice in wonderland and cuddled up.

(Zayns pov):

   As I was laying there with Darcy I had a thought pop into my head. We should just run away together for a little bit, I mean sure we might be in trouble when we get back but we just need some alone time with no interruptions for a while. "Baby girl, I have an idea" "what is it babe?" "We are going to run away together just for a while, just get in the car and drive until we find a place" "Zayn, I don't know, I mean what happens if we get caught?" "Don't worry, go get packed, bring something sexy for our evenings together:)" "fine you naughty boy, but will you carry me to the bedroom?" "Sure babe" I lifted her up and brought her to our room as we started packing! 

(Hey guys!! I have been crazy busy! I. Will update more oFten now though!!)

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