Teenage troubles

Being Harry styles 18 year old daughter is not always easy. From the paparazzi, to the annoying friends always wanting to meet your dad. Not to mention that you are in love with your dads best mate, who by the way has known you since you were a baby. (If you haven't read Forever and Always you need to read it)


11. Alone at last..... Well maybe

(Zayns pov):

    Darcy and I left our house late last night, and I have been driving while she is sleeping. I have a house in Florida so that's where we are going to go. I was driving when Darcy woke up. "Morning beautiful, we have been driving for about 6 hours and we are going to Florida where I have a house" "ok, I'm hungry, is there any food? "Ya, I stopped and got you Starbuck and a brownie" "your to good to me Malik." "Only the best for my love"  I leaned over and gave her a quick kiss and then focused on the road again.

(Darcy's pov):

    Zayn and I were driving when we arrived to a really huge house on the beach. "Zayn, is this yours?" "Yes, I don't use it a lot and now we can be together" then out of nowhere a ton of paparazzi, and Zayn grabbed our bags and we ran into the huge house. "You ok?" "I am fine, I just hope they don't see us do anything else tonight." "Oh, Darcy my dear, I will make sure they don't see anything, but not saying they won't hear anything." "You so dirty babe" "it's all for you." Zayn gave me a tour of the house, and when we got to our bedroom her picked me up and started kissing my neck, and I'm guessing you know what happened next. When I woke up I was laying with my head on Zayns bare chest, and then remembered we were both naked. I kissed his chest and he woke up. "Hey baby girl, that was amazing last night" "I agree babe, I love you" "love you more beautiful" I got up and went to the bathroom. "Zayn babe, I'm going to shower" "ok baby, can I join you?" "Not now babe, stay here, and go get some food, Chinese?" "Ok babe" I got into the shower and it was so relaxing. Afterwards I got out and got dressed into on of Zayns shirts and some of his basketball shorts. He was downstairs with the food. We sat down to eat, and then the door bell rang. "I will get it Zayn" "k babe" I went to the door and opened it, and can't believe what I saw. "Hey baby" it was Justin

(hey! Hope u like this so far! Thanks for reading! Love ya all!) 

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