The Rise of The Syndicate

When the world is centered around power how can one survive in this time


1. Prolouge

A perfect world.... Where all are happy and life is good.... But what is needed to maintain this perfection? the answer, sacrifice... Not everyone can be happy not all can live the picture perfect life. Many in fact must suffer for the upperclass to continue to live a perfect life any who could not pay packed up and shipped off to the planet simplay titled as slums, in order to get by more sacrifice must be made... The sacrifice of life, of morals, and most importantly of Humanity. over the years the slums have become the home of many species of beings such as orcs, elfs, and humans where they all live trying to get by, trying to provide for there families. For many years this was how it was untill the creation of guilds, due to guilds being created people would submit there request where any Merc was of the guild was allowed to take it half went to the merc and half to the guild, a simple yet effective system. Atleast untill the guilds started getting selfish, wanting more requests, more fame so war broke out. for fifty years war ravaged the slums battled often starting over even little offences. Untill 'He' arrived a man simply known as Orion came and took over the entire town by using something he made. Biotics these biotics allowed him to preform superhuman feats so that no guild stood in his path any who resisted were destroyed all in the name of peace. And peace we had for twenty years he ruled in this times he did many things such as creating laws that all have to follow, creating a law enforcement group called Templars and finally creating his own little elite group. The Paragons. Paragons are considered above the law they can do mostly waht they want to a certain degree, such as accept a job from any guild, go into any clubs V.I.P area, and finally they had nearly umlimited funds due to the king backing them but the biggest change the one the rocked the world to its core is near the end of his rain he sent the way to implant biotics into people to all who were able these people later came to be known as Programers. In order to use biotics one must have a core. A core is a device that is implanted directly onto the heart thus using the heart to charge it causing the heart to beat faster in order to compensate the change. Along with this comes boosters which can be used to push the heart to its limit so the core can then produce Aura faster. Boosters come in two verietys shots and pills. Pills are genrally weaker but can be taken up two three times a day provided there is a half hour in between dousage. Shots however can only be taken once a day. With more cores being made everyday some decided to get in on this buisness they became Modders people who are able to change a core to give it a specific purpose or be better overall. After Orions death and the relese of biotics and with no heir chosen for the throne the The Elder (leader of paragons temporary leader untill new one is chosen) decided to split the land into 4 zones each one is run by a boss. The northern zone is currently the strongest with south right behind it, with east and west in a tie. Fifty years later tensions are high and there have been many small battled but thankfully no out right war has been declared but everyone is on alert just in case. It is during this time that a young modder has decided enough is enough and he plans to reunite the four zones and end the bloodshed he knows that it would be nearly impossible to get enough support to challenge any zone while keeping in a secret so he divised two ultimate weapons the Over-Booster and The Kings Eye. An Over-Booster is the same thing as a booster only using it kills the user after five minutes. The Kings Eye however is his ultimate work his piece of resistance for it allows him to control anyone with a weaker will than him useing these tool he will take over all four zones and end most of the bloodshed his name is Derin Leviathan and this..... This is his story

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