The Truth in The Lie (X-Men fanfic)

Chris has been an x-man for about a week everyone likes her she is strong and kind but after a fight with one of there enamies it's sparks memories of her past making her restless,ruthless and hungry for revenge yet at the same time depressed and feeling guilty and blames her self for what happened all those years ago will she find out the truth and get revenge?


5. Chapter 5

"Chrissssstiana," it hissed "Chrisssstiana come home,"

"Grandmother?" She asked as she appeared in a white walled room.

"Yessss come home t usss," it paused "To me,"

"No I cant,"

"Come home to us," said a male voice

"I cant I have nothing" she wept

"You have everything  knowledge, strength and power," hissed the female voice

"Come back daughter," said the male voice again

"No," Chris said

"Chris, Chris wake up," said a man waking her up

"Ohh Max it was horrible" she said hugging him

"Its ok im here I wil always be here," said Max. She looked up to see his eyes but instead she was greeted by deep black eyeless pits "No,!" she said holding her head realizing it was all a dream, Hes dead she thought. I will never see him again. 

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