The Truth in The Lie (X-Men fanfic)

Chris has been an x-man for about a week everyone likes her she is strong and kind but after a fight with one of there enamies it's sparks memories of her past making her restless,ruthless and hungry for revenge yet at the same time depressed and feeling guilty and blames her self for what happened all those years ago will she find out the truth and get revenge?


2. Chapter 2

"hey," Cyclops said as he approached her carefully not knowing if she might hurt him.

"what do you want Scott?" she snapped at him.

"just came to see if you where all right I had heard about what had happened earlier," he said stepping back ready run if needed

"ya im fine,"

"how many of those have you gone through? he asked peering at a pile of punching bags lying on the floor.

ummm maybe about 6," she replied

"ohh wow," he said in shock

"and im only getting started,"


'ummm ok Chris can you please tell me why you are so grumpy this mourning,"

"and I should why?" she said sitting down next to him and wiped the sweat off her forehead

"Chris I lost my parents and the love of my life trust me doesn't get worse then that,"

"ya but you found her anyways I guess ill tell you it all started when I was 3," 

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