You Have Changed *!COMPLETED!*

*5 years ago*
(Jenna's POV)

"HARRY, STOP IT!!" I said as Harry was tickling me he did that often he did it when he wanted me to do something, In this case it was to makeup a rumor that he got sick and was in a coma, HELL NO WAS I DOING THAT! I didnt want to get in trouble for something that was not even true not even one bit!

"Not until you do what I say" Harry said

Cheeky Boy I thought

"FINE FINE JUST STOP! JUST STOP" I said half out of breath

"Haha that's what I like to hear" Harry said

"UGHH" I said, sometime Harry was so annoying, but that's what made him so special to me


15. "F**k you"

Movellas:You Have Changed

*Harry's POV*

Last night was the best time of my life, Me and Jenna were together and thats all that mattered to me

I told her the words that I wanted to tell her for 7 years, I loved her so much, And It was true, Kara didnt matter to me, the only thing that I wanted was Jenna and I got her and I will NEVER let her go or hurt her again

"Your up this early" Jenna said in her sleepy voice

"mhmm, and your still not up, its 7:34pm, you will be late for school babe" I said to her while playing with her hair

"Noooo, I dont need to go, I wanna stay with you"  She said 

And then we both woke up and she said goodbye and I kissed her on the forehead

It was so boring being stuck in this hospital, my hands still hurt but being here with Jenna made me forget about everything..

Kara still had not came to see if I was okay..but she and I were over

((After 1 day))

"Mister Styles,You can leave the hospital now, you may go home but please dont cut, if

you need some help we will provide you with a therapist" The doctor said

"Uhm, okay thanks" I said

And then I left, I called Jenna and within 3 minutes she was here

"Heyy, you got out, so what do you wanna do now.." She said

"Hmm, something naughtyy" I said to her and she looked scared..

"Uhm, Im not going to do anything with you" She said

"Wh-why?" I said

"Because if I lose it to you, then we might break up and never see each other again and I dont want to be a one night stand, Im not worthless, Im a human too" She said

"okay, Im sorry, I didnt mean it like that, but baby, I wont leave you, because  in a few years 
You will be my wife, and we will never ever have to leave each others sides, okay?" I said

But she just ran up to me and hugged me with her hands wrapped around my neck

"I love you" She said 

"I love ya too babe" I said kissing her temples, she always liked it when I did that..

After that, we went out to eat but when we got their Paparazzi and fans were all lined up so we got into our disguise and sprayed hair color on our hair so nobody knew who we were

We went in

"Hello sir, table for wife and husband?" The waiter said

"I wish, but shes just a friend"  I said

*Jenna's POV*

"..shes just a friend" 

So..I meant nothing to him.. I thought I meant something to him...

"Im..uh gonna go to the bathroom" I said and then left

I sat there crying and wiping my tears away.. And then I finally got out.. Looked at harry while wiping my tears as they kept going, and then I left the restaurant,

"Babe? Babe what happened, why are you leaving..w..were you crying?" He said

"Get away from me you prick, is a friend all I am to you? Are you freaking kidding me? We cuddled, kissed, and a friend is all i am? F**k you , you can find another friend with benefits, and I thought we had a chance, you are out of my life for good" I said 






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