Avada kedavra my heart

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  • Published: 20 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 29 Sep 2013
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(COMPLETED) Isis has always been a good girl but when she finds out she is adopted and the last remaining descendant of griffindor she is mad that she was lied to. But when she meets the weasleys and falls in love but when the love of her life cheats on her she may do anything to get revenge

**this is my first novella so can you read and give me feedback in the comments? Thanks**

Also if you would like me to kik you when I update just kik me at potterhead4eves thnx muffins!


23. Troll



i awoke the next morning with peeves hovering over me. I held in a yell. He looked down and saw me and said "I don't care what you say tonight I am dropping a chandelier on his head" you could kill him" I said. He zoomed off and I knew I shouldn't have trusted peeves. I have to save Fred!


(that night)

i had to help Fred but without talking to him not yet.  I heard a noise and saw peeves flying towards the chandelier. I was about to tell Fred to run but I didn't have to the DADA teacher did for me. He ran into the hall just as peeves began to loosen it. He shouted "TROLL,troll in the dungeon. Thought you ought to know" and fainted. Panic sprung up and fumbled ore said to go to your dormitory immediately. I saw Ron and harry running away from everyone else. I ran after them. They entered the girls bathroom and I followed them without hesitation. I saw hermione in a corner and ran to her. I told her to run and she did. The troll turned on me and swung its club then everything went black.




*****hey me here I was wondering if youvliked or had any ideas for me. I will take all ideas into consideration and maybe put them in the book so thanks so much my little cauldron cakes:) without you I would have given up writing! Just keep swimming**** 

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