Avada kedavra my heart

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  • Published: 20 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 29 Sep 2013
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(COMPLETED) Isis has always been a good girl but when she finds out she is adopted and the last remaining descendant of griffindor she is mad that she was lied to. But when she meets the weasleys and falls in love but when the love of her life cheats on her she may do anything to get revenge

**this is my first novella so can you read and give me feedback in the comments? Thanks**

Also if you would like me to kik you when I update just kik me at potterhead4eves thnx muffins!


20. Brother vs brother



why do these things happen to me!! I got mad tried to hit George but Isis had to get in the way. We decided to tell the nurse that an accident happened when we were practicing spells so we could handle this our way.as soon as she was in the hospital wing and we were in an empty corridor since almost everyone was outside. I turned to him "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!" I yelled! I thought she loved me! I thought she only broke up with me to make me want her back. But this is going to far. "Jealous much" said George. I lost it I began to scream insults at him but he didn't seem to care. We simultaneously reached for our wands at the same time. I lifted mine and yelled "stupify" George immediately yelled "prodego" she loved me more I knew it.she never loved you" I yell to him. "Then how come she had sex with me not you then" he replied. "She what!" I screamed




i woke up in the hospital wing and had a pounding headache. The last thing I remembered was Fred trying to curse George and I jumped between them. FRED AND GEORGE! Where are they? Could they be fighting now? I jumped out of bed and dashed out of the room. I could hear madam pomfrey yelling after me but I didn't care I ran like the wind I heard voices in the corridor to my right and ran in that direction. I stop suddenly and hear Fred say "she what!" I stepped into the corridor and spoke "who said what?" They both turned white as a sheet. They muttered something about how it was nothing. Suddenly I understood fred was jealous I slept with George! I stormed away crying because George had told Fred and Fred was being an ass about it! I needed to get away. I heard them calling to me but I just ran to the dormitory and cried well hermione comforted me

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