Gates to Heaven

Liberty Olsen was a very joyful, bubbly little girl she used to love going outside with her friends and play anything that came to mind. Shes the girl who loves to laugh a lot, her parents and brother love her dearly but years and years passed liberty became a 16 year old teenager from that point everything went downhill her parents divorced, her brother became famous,her mom's boyfriend abuses her, and worse she gets bullied at school. And what leads to being bullied? Is beginning to cut and what happens after you cut? Is having suicidal thoughts. Can one specific boy save her? If he can he will be her hero and open the gates to heaven


1. Gates to Heaven

Hi I'm liberty Olsen i just turn 16 and things can't get any worse. My Parents got divorced my mom has a new boyfriend who touches me in places.....but I'm afraid to tell anyone I'm scared he might hurt me more. You may be asking  where's my dad when i need him? Well my dad moved to Italy with his new girlfriend and their having a baby but their moving back to Bradford in couple of months. My older brother zayn became famous with his 4 best mates and their leaving for tour . And I'm just what? the new girl at my new highschool me ,my mom, and her boyfriend moved in into a nice house with 4 rooms in California. i have to start school in a couple of days and I'm scared out of my mind things can't get any worse right?

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