the daughter of paul higgins; dont hold me back {one direction fanfiction}

olivia is paul higgin's daughter she is like every teen she fights with parents goes to school (homeschool really) ,is more in love with technology then boys,and a love for music and of coarse one direction . but paul ,her father is a security gaurd for one direction there her only friends but soon she will be more than that to one of them.but who?


2. the sassy pants

we decided to watch a movie and this whole time i havent talked to louis but me and the others are getting along well.

i couldnt get the words to stope replaying in my head '' i love you i wnat you to be my girlriend'' i decided to tweet a bit.

oliviahiggins-watching a movie with my boys@onedirection

''your boys?'' zayn asked looking up from his phone they all looked at what he was talking a bout

''yes mr malik MY boys and now MY boys can leave''

'''awh were sorry'' niall said with a puppy dog face

''i wouldnt mind being your boy'' louis said and winked

''its...erm..okay im gonna get some um popcorn and more snacks.'' i said going to the kitchen,

''im sorry love its just i miss elanour shes still in america for her modeling gig''

''its fine lou i understand it just i dont like boys talking bout me like that cause of jake....when we were dating it was around the time we were starting to get more and more serious and my mom died at that time and i went into depression but jake was a horrible boyfriend and i found out he was cheating on me and that he only used me for my dads money since with his job im kinda rich and it hurt me and i was starting to you know cut.'' 

his eyes widened

''please dont ever do that again and jake was no good for you love ''

''thanks boobear now can you tell the boys later for me i cant it was hard for me to say thi story once and please dont tell my dad he never really aprooved of jake and he is just gonna say i told ya so ''

''sure babe but what does he think happened between you too''

''i told him jake and i never had time for eachother so we had to break up'' 

''okay now let me help you with that pizza''

''yea thanks lou''

                   ^                        *                          ^                        *                 ^

''your horrible at this livia''

''you aint better tomlinson''

''are you sassing me missy''

''maybe i am '' i said right in his face

''well im the sassy one lady ''

''not anymore theres a new sass master in town so move over  bitcheesss'' 

he stared at me shocked

''mmhhmm'' i smirked 

''will you marry me''

''WHAT - WHAT DID YOU JSUT SAY LOU'' I nearly shouted

''willl you marry me'' he smiled like a goof

'''' i laughed and laughed

                  *                                 *                   *                             *                     *


''what do you...'' they burst out laughing .

louis was sitting on my like i was a chair and had his arms crossed not even looking at me 

''what happened''they said observing the scene from each angle

''i out-sassed louis so he asked me to marry him jokingly and i was likee omgggggggg so he sat on me now help''

they looked at me with disbelief

''you ot sassed louis tomlinson''

i nodded 

''i wish i haden't''

''lou get off of me ''

''say im the sassiest sassy pants carrot eating king'' he fought back

''your the sassiest sassy pants carrot eating ...(mumble this part)security gaurd daughter sitting (mumble this part)...king.''  i said they all burst out laughing mostly at the security gaurd daughter part. louis got of of me .

''good girl ''

''what am i a animal? not YOU louis'' i spat

''hey watch your mouth little girl''

''what makes you think im a little girl''

''im bigger than you'' he spat back 

''blahh'' i groaned

''blahh'' he mocked

i think im gonna like louis ;)


a/n- hellloooo so i hope you enjoyed chapter 2!! so enjoy chapter 3 which will be in soon  so what do you think of louis and olivia being best friends so this one had a lot of stupid jokes in here i know sorry bout it what should i do with olivia should she date one of the boys or should she be SINGLE AS A PRINGLE stupid i know *facepalm*

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