the daughter of paul higgins; dont hold me back {one direction fanfiction}

olivia is paul higgin's daughter she is like every teen she fights with parents goes to school (homeschool really) ,is more in love with technology then boys,and a love for music and of coarse one direction . but paul ,her father is a security gaurd for one direction there her only friends but soon she will be more than that to one of them.but who?


1. his daughter

i woke up and got dressed into a loose flowy white button up lace shirt. (i wore a tanktop underneath) i tucked the shirt into my jean shorts and put my let my brown beach-wavy hair loose.i put on some white and black converse and headed downstairs which then i saw one direction .''oh ..erm ..hi im pauls daughter olivia '' i said gulping not cause i was nervous but because of 5 teenage boys which i heard were kind of into  lots of girls. and i have a horrible pasts involved with boys that not veen my dad knows about oh my dad ..he is paul higgins one directions bodygaurd but i never met them before until now that is . ''bit nervous love'' harry chluckled and with that i blushed  ''harry dont be mean to her '' zayn said ''yea i would be nervous too if i met the world hottest boyband that is soo dreamy and makes my life'' louis said with a girly tone the others laughed but my head shot right up from hearing those words ''YOU LOOKED IN MY FREAKING DIARY'' I screamed the boys stopped laughing and were guilty and silent now ....but then i was reminded of my horrible past and what i wrote in there .''y-you didnt look in every page...did you'' i asked more calmly cause i was worried .''uhm.. think you know the answer and you dont wanna here it love sorry...but may i ask who is that guy jake i couldnt really understand of what you wrote because you didnt write full sentences just .....jake was the one who did it all to me he broke me and hurt me i wish this never happened . '' he quoted remmebering what he read from my diary i gukped and tears filled my eyes ''none of your uisness you already went snooping trough my diary now you wantt to know more  about my life'' i screamed and the tears were freely strolling down my face .''oh soory love we -idnt know '' i shook my head and ran i cried my eyes out and i saw my diary on the nightstand i took it and ran downstairs luckily the boys were in the kitchen i ran into the living room and tossed the diary into the ire i cried more and more until someone touched my back i freaked out thinking it was jake and screamed ''its only me babe'' louis said i noticed his eyes were red like mine but a little less. ''were - were you crying louis '' he slowly nodded and i stood up ''why'' he looked down at his feet then back up at me ''cause i love you and felt bad.'' i half smiled ''thanks lou i love you too '' he mebraced me in a hug and i huged back but he whispered in my ear ''no babe i love you i LOVE you i want to be your boyfriend''

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