hope is in a orphanage but she never got adopted. but when 5 guys adopt her she thinks something bad is going to happen.


2. meeting the boys

hope's p.o.v.

when we got out of the car I was surprised. this house is huge I said. yep  just to let you know I live with my band mates here so don't be surprised  when you see  other people here  nail said. ok then we walked in and 4 guys where sitting on the couch they turned around and saw me, they said hi. hi I said back. so tell us about your self one said with curly brown hair. ok well my name is hope and im 113 im also a vampire and im irish I sing and dance but not infront of many people and I can play the guitar I said so then tell me about you guys. well my name is  laim that's Louis and harry then zayn laim said . 

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