Island Of Love.

Sierra gets stranded on an island in the middle of the pacific ocean after she goes overboard from a cruise ship. She thought she was the only one until she finds a boy, Harry Styles laying in the sand. Will this turn out to be Sierra's first true relationship?


1. Stranded.

 I leaned over the railing, trying to get a better look at the waves. They were beautiful, rolling, white foam topping them. The water was a bright blue color, almost like the sky. I was on a cruise to hawaii with her older sister, Aryana.  I heard the sound of dolphins and leaned over some more.

 And I fell overboard.


 I groaned and rubbed my head. I wondered where I was, then it all came flooding back to me. I had been trying to see the dolphins and fell overboard. "Oh my god." I whispered. Why wasn't I more careful? I was on an island, stranded, and nobody knew where I was. Am I going to die? I thought. "No. I am not going to die." I said determined as I got up out of the tide. I looked down the beach and thought there was a person laying in the sand, but I figured it was a piece of driftwood. 

Well, might as well look around for something to build a shelter. I had a feeling I was going to be here awhile. I really didn't want to go   into the trees in the middle of the island so i took about two hours to circle it. What I found close to my starting point shocked me. It was a completely gorgeous guy, passed out on the shore.

 He had damp curly brown hair and rosy lips. I know its kinda weird to call a guy beautiful, but that's what he was.I wondered if I should wake him or not. I decided quickly that I should. I bent down on my knees and gently shook his shoulder. He moaned and rolled over. "What?" 

 I grimaced, his voice was as beautiful as him. I looked up and said, "You need to wake up. You and me are stranded on an island." When I looked back down two bright green eyes were staring at me. "Well,well,well, what's your name cutie?" He asked.

 I laughed, despite myself. "My name is Sierra Black. And you?" He smiled, "Harry Styles. Now, can you tell me how we got here?"

 "Well, I don't know about you but I was looking at the dolphins and fell over the railing." His eyes widened. "So you were the pretty girl next to me." I suppressed a groan. He may be gorgeous , but he was pushy. "Yes, apparently." I said with a little disgust in my voice. Who knew I would be stranded on an island with a totally gorgeous but cheesy guy? If someone would've told me this yesterday, I never would have believed them.

 "So are you the overly cheesy guy I just met?"  He put a hand over his heart, "Ooh, that hurt."  I rolled my eyes and said, "So you going to be the macho man and go into the trees to get some things for a shelter?" 

 He got up and smiled, "Of course!" With that he strutted into the trees disappearing. Well, that was easy I thought. I walked over to a nearby palm tree and looked up. Five coconuts. Already having good luck. I grabbed the sides of the tree and climbed about halfway up before I fell. "Shit," I mumbled under my breath. I got up and brushed myself off. More determined than ever to do this by myself, I grabbed the sides of the tree again and made it up this time. I quickly knocked down all five coconuts. 

 I made a huge mistake and looked down. I was  terrified of heights. Squeezing my eyes shut, I slowly climbed down. When I was on the safety of the ground again, I picked up all the coconuts,  with some difficulty, and walked further up the beach. Damn it was hot. I dropped the coconuts and looked over, there was Harry. "Ugh." I couldn't sustain a smile though. What was wrong with me?

 He set down a ton of wood and leaves. "There ya go." He smiled, obviously proud of himself. "Thank you, now, umm, do you think you could help me build it?" He snickered, "What little miss tree climber doesn't know how?" 

 I blushed and looked down, "No." I whispered. "Aww, you look even cuter when you blush." I rolled my eyes and laughed.

 "Lets get started big boy."

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