And when the night gets dark, and there's no way back, I'll call your name, but it's fading, we're fading; After leaving school for nine months, Fenella is ready to go to high school again.... Just not ready to face her best friend and former crush Calum. What Calum doesn't know is that he's the father of Fenella's baby. When given the chance to raise his child, even though both parents are only 16, the opportunity is taken away when he finds out that Fenella is going out with his now ex-friend Ashton Irwin.


4. Sorry

You say things that I don't

You make me feel alone 

Every night replayed, over and over


Fenella's POV


He handed me back my phone, just as he made an outburst about Xander's father.


"Calum.. I really don't know how to explain this to you.. Um.. You know Ashton, from your soccer team right?"


"What about him?" he asked, sitting back down after jumping up in rage.


"Well.. We're kind of going out and he's been helping me take care of Xander."


"Why would you go out with someone while we have a child together? Doesn't it make more sense for you to let the kid's own father raise him?" He jumped up from the bench again and began walking off.


"Calum, it's not like that. Like I said earlier, I wanted you on your future. My future is gone now. I only asked Ashton for help in the first place is because he's done with school and he's one of the people I trust the most, after you." I said, running to catch up with him. "I'm only trying to do what's best for the both of us, and the baby."


"And what you think is best is letting the kid grow up without his real dad?" he stated sternly, finally facing me.


"Calum, you have no idea how hard it's been these past few months. Ashton was there for the whole thing. From the C- Section, to motivating me to start school again. You know I would never want to hurt you. You're my best friend." I clutched into his arm, leading him back to the bench before we got caught.


I rested my head on his shoulder again, waiting for him to cool down.



"I've always told you how much I wanted to be a father, didn't I?"


"Not this again Calum. I already feel bad enough. I already told you that you can come over later and see Xander if you want. I'm sure Ashton won't mind." I said, taking a sip of my tea mid-sentence.


"Of course he won't, because it''s my child." He said, sternly, not making direct eye contact with me as we spoke.


"Calum, you realize you're still 16, right? Finding out you have a child doesn't magically make you ten years older.


"Whatever." He stormed off again, out of the lunch room and off to our next period class.

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