And when the night gets dark, and there's no way back, I'll call your name, but it's fading, we're fading; After leaving school for nine months, Fenella is ready to go to high school again.... Just not ready to face her best friend and former crush Calum. What Calum doesn't know is that he's the father of Fenella's baby. When given the chance to raise his child, even though both parents are only 16, the opportunity is taken away when he finds out that Fenella is going out with his now ex-friend Ashton Irwin.


7. Hatred and Calm

Calum's POV

I could obviously tell Ashton didn't like me. He kept looking at me like he was trying to read my soul. 


When Fen walked in, holding the child, I couldn't believe it was actually mine, or will be at least. 


He was so little. He had her brown wavy hair, but he had my almond shaped eyes. I just wanted to hold him, but Ashton would have probably bitten me. They both left the room and I sat on the couch I found so familiar.


Fenella's POV 


I put Xander in his crib as I made him a bottle. I saw Ashton walk in and he closed the door. 

"What's up Ash? I thought you didn't like closed doors?" 


"Fen, I'm going to try to be calm.. But why is he here?" 


"Ashton, I told you this already. Me starting school is going to mean that some of my friends are going to be back. Please don't be upset, you know I don't like Calum that way, because I love you soo much."


I knew he wanted to speak again, but Xander's crying interrupted him.  


"Aw, there there my child. Mommy's here. Don't cry." I lifted him back out of his crib and gave Ashton a kiss on the cheek before walking out. 


"Hey, sorry that took so long Cal." 


"It's ok Fen. It feels really weird to be back in this house, ya know. So many memories and stuff." 


"I know. Remember that time we made all those cookies for the fundraiser? We made such a huge mess and the cookies were definitely not worth it." 


"That was sooo long ago!" We both burst into laughter.


I took the seat next to him, trying to rock Xander back to sleep. 


"He hasn't slept all day Fen. He keeps crying. I'd tried singing him to sleep, but it only worked for a while." Ashton commented.  


"Can I try putting him asleep?" Calum asked. He looked like he sincerely wanted to make an effort to make this family thing work. I'm surprised Ashton hadn't kicked him out yet though.  


"Don't cry my little angel, no tears, or bad memories will come your way, don't cry my little angel," I heard him sing as he carried the baby out of my arms. 


"That's the fastest I've ever seen him calm down." I told him, my eyes clearly 'popping' out of my head. 

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