And when the night gets dark, and there's no way back, I'll call your name, but it's fading, we're fading; After leaving school for nine months, Fenella is ready to go to high school again.... Just not ready to face her best friend and former crush Calum. What Calum doesn't know is that he's the father of Fenella's baby. When given the chance to raise his child, even though both parents are only 16, the opportunity is taken away when he finds out that Fenella is going out with his now ex-friend Ashton Irwin.


15. Bubbly

Calum's POV


I've never seen Fenella so quiet. She's usually so bubbly and charismatic. Now, she seemed more observant I guess. But she usually loves meeting new people. She usually rambles on and on and on like she did earlier in the car with Ashton, and trust me Fenella is not the one to be silent around others. She's the first voice you'll hear when you walk in a room.. So what's change?  


"Calum... Calum... Calum!" I heard Luke yelling. I dazed off in my thoughhts and found myself staring in Fen's direction.


"Calum! Can you please focus and pass me the ball!" Michael shouted from the other side of the field. I shook my head a bit before running and getting the ball past Luke, through the goal. 


"Nice job Hood, just pay more attention next time, alright?" The coach said, directing me to take a break. I nodded my head and gave him a small smile, before running off to Fenella. 


"Wooooo!" She cheered as I finally sat down. 


"Ha ha, thanks for distracting me," I said, taking a bite out of the Nutella sandwich she handed me. 


"What did I do? I've been sitting here for the past hour feeding and playing with Xander, it's not my fault you can't focus on me and the game at the same time." She took a bite of my sandwich and puted. 


"I'm just worried, ok? What if something bad happens to you? Then it would be my fault for bringing you out here, and I can't live with that." 


"That's very sweet of you Calum, but I'm pretty sure I can handle myself, now go play your game." She fluffed my hair as I finished my sandwich. I did as she asked and ran up, the ball catching my attention immediately. "Have funnnnn!"  

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