I write imagines of any celeb you like :) Just tell me what kind of imagine you want and what celeb and I will do it as soon as I can! If you want you can also tell me stuff about you so I can add some details about you !


4. Jazzy's imagine

Jazzy's P.O.V.

 Tonight's the night I'm finally going to meet my brother's friend Harry. Since he's in the X Factor he wouldn't stop talking about him and saying I would love him to pieces because he's so funny. I was nervous though because I always do weird stuff when boys are around but I'll try to control myself because he's really important to Louis apparently.

When I first saw him and heard his voice saying hi to me I almost melted. He was the most beautiful human being I've ever seen. His curls and his big smile were just amazing. I realized I was creepily staring so I said a quick hi and blushed. I looked to the floor embarrassed and my long brown curls covered my face. Instantly I felt a big hand putting my hair behind my ears and when I looked up I found a pair of green eyes looking for mines. I wished that moment would've last forever but Louis fake coughed and we both jumped like out of a trance. 

He gave Harry a really pissed off look and lead him to the kitchen. I sat on the couch thinking of Harry and my brother came with an upset look. He told me I shouldn't 'flirt' with Harry because it would be weird for him. I couldn't help it but telling him I really liked Harry. It was the truth I barely knew him but his touch felt so good... and his glance so comforting. Nothing like that ever happened to me before!

Louis was about to say something but Harry came in and said:

'I knew she felt the same! Louis please let us at least talk?'

'Okay but if you hurt her I swear I'll be so mad at you Harry'

'I wouldn't ever do that Lou, you know it'

As soon as my brother left I leaned in and kissed Harry. And we weren't wrong. We were made for each other.


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