My Ex Best Friend

He promised. He promised me that he would never forget me. But he did. Never called, emailed, or texted me after the XFactor. And now he is back.


2. Hanging Out.

I woke up the next morning all excited and then I remembered that I have to spend the day with the boys. I went downstairs and ate my breakfast. I then went to take a shower. I washed my hair and my body and got out. I got dressed in some jeans and a floral crop top.


I walked to Louis' house and knocked.  Harry opened it and let me in. I greeted the rest of the boys and sat down on the couch. "So where are we going to go today?" "Um, I was thinking maybe we can go to the amusement park?" "Sure sound like fun."


We got to the amusement park. We bought our tickets and a few hours later we went on all the rides and we planning to go home. "Wait we didn't go on the ferris wheel." "Come on Makayla. Do you really wanna go on that?" "YES LOUIS! It's my favorite ride here." "Fine."


Me wand Louis sat together we where talking when he leaned in and I swear we were about to kiss until the ride finished. I got off and said "Can we go now. Please." I got home and Louis tried to talk to me. I just ran away from him. He leaves to become famous doesn't even text or email me and then tries to kiss me. No this isn't happening.


~Well here is chapter two i hope you enjoyed it! -Liza

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