Relief In The Knife

Hi I'm Brookelle Jones I live with my older brother Fin Jones and my twin Jack Jones. My bestfriends are Alexander Peterson, Eleanor Calder, and Casper Hill. I have a boyfried named Leo Howard. I have 10 bullies and they're all dating Michael Clifford and Jesy Nelson, Calum Hood and Leigh-Ann Pinnock, Luke Hemmings and Jade Thirwall, Ashton Irwin and Perrie Edwards, and Tyler Adams and Danielle Peazer.

I have no hate to 5SOS or Little Mix or Danielle. I love them all!!!!


2. Back To Hell

Hi I'm Brookelle Jones I'm what people call 'Emo'. I cut I get bullied. I have a boyfriend his name is Leo Howard.. Your all wondering why a famous teen would date an ugly girl like me. My friends are Eleanor Calder, Casper Hill. Family is my twin Jack Jones, and our older brother Fin Jones. Our parents died when me and Jack were ten. Today is our first day of 10th grade.  Which means more bullying...

*Bzz* My phone buzzed it was Leo L=LeO B=Me

L=Hey baby.


L=How are you??

B=Ok.. Can you come over I'm not going to school today cause its been 6 years since my parents you know....

L= Ya I'm on my way...

About ten minutes later ther was a knock on my door. It wan't just Leo it was Eleanor, Alexander and Casper. "Hi guys" I said weakly.

"Hey" they all said except for Leo ewho pulled me into a hug. We all went to my room I had the biggest cause it was my parents and being the girl I was the closest to them. Me and Leo sat in the corner of my room on the loveseaat talking while the others were downstairs cookiing. "Let me see your arms baby" Leo said. I looked at him frightened. "It's ok I won't hurt you." I pulled up my sleeves for Leo to see nothing. "Legs" I pulled down my pants to my underwear and he saw this: "Why?"

"Why?" "I deserve to die. I'm ugly, fat, and useles. You shouldn't be dating me your famous and I am just a useless slut......." "I don't care that I'm famous your my princess and you deserve to live. Your not ugly, fat, or useless, or a slut.You haven't even had sex." I stare at my legs and cry. "Hey whats wrong?" "That night I didn't come home till six in the morning.. Tyler raped me...." "He What!!!" I flinced when he yelled. "Sorry why didn't you tell me?" "Because you would hate me" "No I wouldn't Brook." "I'm sorry Lee." He pulled me into a hug. We fell asleep. Avbout two hours later we go downstairs to see Eleanor and Casper cuddling and Alexander is gone. We took pictures and woke them up "What was that for?" Eleanor asked. "I wanna go swimming" I said. I have a pool in my backyard. We went to get ready me and El had the same bikinis on she made me wear it but I usually have basketball shorts and a tank over it. They look like this:

I walked out with a towel wrapped around my really small waist. "It's ok we've all seen them we won't judge you babe" El said. "Thanks babe." I took off the towel and stuck my feet in. "Brooke do your brother know about your legs?" Leo asked. Ishook my head no. "Why not" "Because when my parents died I promised not to do it again." "You have to tell them. Look they just got home grsb your towel and lets tell them ok?" "K" I grabbed my towel and wrapped around my legs. "Hey Princess" Jack said "Hi" "Hey baby girl" "Hi Finn" "Ok guys Brook has to show you guys somethin please don't get mad or hate her" Leo said. "Ok?" Jack said confused. I put down my towel and they gasped Jack hugged me tightly "It's ok Princess we'll get through this I promise" He said. I look at Finn he look like he was about to cry. "Finn don't hate me please" I begged him."I will NEVER hate you ok baby girl." "Ya" I hugged him crying. "I love all three of you don't forget that ok?" "We won't ." They all said in unison. I laughed and smiled. They all looked shocked "What?'' I asked confused. "It's been a year since I've seen that beautiful smile and that adorable laugh" Leo said pulling me onto his lap. Everyone left me and Leo went to my room. "Have you told your brothers what Tyler did to you?" "I told Jack but not Finn yet cause at the moment he was mad at me" "Promise me youl'll tell him" "I promise" With that we kissed it turned into a make out session no further we were sixteen we weren't ready. We fell asleep with our lips together.

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