Jaiden ( an emblem3 fanfiction)

Jaiden just moved to Hungtington in Caifornia, after her mom died and her and her dad didn't want to stay back in Philidelphia anymore Someone tried to get close with her but she doesn't want to be close to anyone but maybe he will change that with the help of his brothers.
Read on and find out:)
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5. 5

Wesley's POV

The whole night Jaiden talks about her plans for school as I never take my eyes off of her. I then see the surprise in her eyes as I walk her out of the grill.

"What?"I let out a laugh.

"It's just, you're more different than I though."She just smiles at me. She smiles a real, warm smile, not the evil, sassy ones she gives me when she insults me.

"Who did you take me for?"I set down on the bus bench as I feel a few drops on my head.

"Nevermind."She glances to me before walking down the street. I follow close behind, she could get mugged.

"So, where are we going?"I say having my hand fairly close to her back but not where it touches her because she will slap me.

"Well, I am going to show you my hide away!"She smiles at me as we walk down an ally way. I stop when we get to the dark area which is inches away from the opening to go into the walkway."Are you scared?"She turns around and lets out a small chuckle. I shake my head, lyingly, and I follow next to her.

We walk into a store where a man greets her. I see a bundle of instruments. She leads me to the room in the back where there is a table, a tv and a couch. She sets down on the couch and I do too.

"So this is your hide out?"I look over with a raised eyebrow.

"No, I just want to show you where I work!"She looks over from the ground and nodds before we leave the store.

"Ohkay.."I say as we approuch a river not far from her work.

"Where not here yet."She gives me a smirk before leads me in a trail before we get behind a water fall where the color is a light pink and a bright blue and purple from the reflection.

"It is...."It is breathetaking and I stop in the middle of my setence.

"Beautiful, I know!"She smiles at me before laying down on the rocks under the waterfall where you get a great fall where the water tips off the edge of the clift.

"Yea."I suddenly daze into thinking.

Jaiden's POV

I jump up and realize that I was entwined with Wesley. He sleepily looks over at me with a smile, but then realizes that we had freaking fallen asleep. I grab my phone and see I had over 100 missed calls from my dad and a bunch of texts.

"Wesley.."I say grabbing my jacket and slipping into it. I slide my shoes on and look at him.

"I think I'm in trouble by your dad, right?"He asks with a raised eyebrow.

"Yah  think!"I sass before running home.

Dammit I am in trouble.

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