Jaiden ( an emblem3 fanfiction)

Jaiden just moved to Hungtington in Caifornia, after her mom died and her and her dad didn't want to stay back in Philidelphia anymore Someone tried to get close with her but she doesn't want to be close to anyone but maybe he will change that with the help of his brothers.
Read on and find out:)
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2. 2

Wesley's POV

I finally pick myself up off the ground and see Jaiden was gone. She had already kicked me in the balls and now what. I mean it can't get worse can it? She was crying too and her voice broke. She said she had a cold and had something in her eye but it wasn't. She can't fool me. I like her too much to let her go on and not say she was my friend.

"Where were you? Your late!"Keaton bumbards me as I sit at the dinner table. Mom and Dad were still at work and it was just me and Keaton. Drew was home and probably sleeping so he probably won't know.

"I was out."I say and put some noodles onto my plate. They looked under cooked since Keaton did make them.

"Where? I bet you were with a girl."He says with a huge smile. Can't this child go away I mean seriously. i was just out. Barely with a girl, mostly with the sand and on the ground. After Jaiden did kick me in the balls, I heard her mummble something about not trusting anyone. I'll ask her about it tommorow at school.

"I was just walking at the beach. It was such a nice day."I lie to Keaton as I eat my nasty food. I spit it out onto my plate. "This is some nasty shit Keats!"I get up and walk into my room. I wasn't hungry anyways.

I slowly fall asleep and think about what happened today between me and Jaiden. She was so pretty and was strong. If only she would talk to me.

Jaiden's POV

I wake up and get ready for school. I fling my bag over my shoulder and grab my board before skating to school. I really was going to try to dodge Wesley in the halls because he is a pain in my butt.

"Hey, Im Linsy!"A girl joins me as I skate down the sidewalk outside my house.

"Hi."I mummble. I really don't need friends.

"You're new, Jaiden!"She smiles and I nodd slowly. It doesn't matter if I was new or not. I don't want friends.

"So, your in my history class, first period."

Can she go away now?I really am pissed. I don't want friends and I don't need any.

"Ohkay!"I haven't had my coffee this morning, and I probably won't because I am almost late already.

"I live next door too you. Wanna come over after school?"She had bleach blonde hair and was deeply tanned. Like any other california girl.

"I'm good."I skate ahead, leaving her alone. Not very long after I make it to school and get to class.



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