Summer Love

Cause you were mine for the summer

Now we now it's nearly over

Feels like snow, in September

But I always will remember

You were my summer love.


1. One Direction is coming to Manchester!

Alice's POV

"Alicceee" My best friend, London called from the kitchen in our dorm.


"Whattt?" I called back and she walked back into the living room.


"I dunno, I was just seeing if you were still here."


I rolled my eyes and but on the news.


"One Direction is coming to Manchester!" The news lady said.


London groaned. She hates them. I just shrugged, they weren't that bad.


London had moved here from Dublin, Ireland. I moved from Lubbock, Texas in the U.S.


I got onto my phone and texted my boyfriend, Connor.


To Connor: Hey babe<3 


From Connor: Hello Beautiful.


To Connor: Wanna hang out?


From Connor: Sorry I'm busy today. <3 Gtg text me later.


I didn't text him back and I set my phone down.


London's POV

"I'm gonna go walk around, wanna come?" I ask Alice




"Alright" I walked out of the dorm and started walking around campus. I looked around. I was still a little confused by where everything is.


I went by the biology room and saw Alice's boyfriend, Connor, kissing a girl I've never seen before.


"Connor! What the hell?!" I looked at him.


He turned around and I started walking back to the dorm


Alice's POV

"Hey." London said and she walked back into the dorm.


"Hey! What's wrong?"


"I saw Connor kissing another girl" She said so quick I couldn't understand her.


"Slower." I said like I was talking to a 5 year old. 


She sighed. "I saw Connor kissing another girl." 


My jaw dropped. "You're kidding, right?"


She shook her slowly and sat beside me.


I called Connor. We had this long awkward and boring conversation about trust. At the end of the call I told him it was over and sat on my bed. 



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