Meeting Bieber In Person

Cathy and Mia went to a Justin Bieber concert, and Meet And Greet. When Justin saw Cathy, he fell for her right away. They swap numbers and soon enough start hanging out. What happens when Mia meets Chaz? Will Cathy and Justin start dating? Read more to find out!


4. Meeting

               *Justin's POV*

                             The line had finally shortened down to a couple girls and, I saw this beautiful girl. She had somewhat short brown hair, brown eyes, and looked 18 or 19 years old, possibly 17. She was with another girl which she was pretty too, but this other girl was different. I needed to talk her; now. Thank God she's next. The two girls finally came up and I said "Hey beautifuls." The one with long hair (Mia) blushed and mumbled a thank you. The short haired one (Cathy), shook her head and stood next to me to take a picture. I smiled and slipped a piece of paper into her back pocket without her noticing. I always carry a piece of paper with my number in it just in case I'd meet a fan that I want to get to know more. She looked at me again and waved goodbye I didnt know what to say so I just mouthed "I love you." And then quickly turned around to the other Beliebers.

            *Mia's POV*

                      "AHHH!" I screamed as we got back home. "I CANT BELIEVE I JUST MET THE JUSTIN DREW FUCKING BIEBER!!" I yelled once again. Cathy laughed and said "I know!! He called us beautiful!" "I know!! I need to let this all sink in, g'night!" "Haha ok night!" I went up to my room and changed into some more comfortable clothes. I put my hair into a ponytail and then hopped into bed. The picture of meeting Justin kept flashing through my mind. I smiled and closed my eyes hoping to get some rest. 


             *Cathy's POV*

                           I took off my clothes and then put on my pajamas. Some paper fell out of the pocket of my pants. I picked it up and it read "Hey! It's Justin! We met today and I though you were beautiful, so I wanted to get to you know better! If you wanna meet up text me at: 917-434-1994 Hope to hear from you soon! Love, Justin xoxo" (Not a real number and if it is, whoops!) I smiled at the letter and hopped into my bed. I got my phone and made a contact for him. I saved the contact as 'Justin<3', I texted him. J-Justin M-Me

M- Hey! It's Cathy, from the meet & greet :)

J- Oh hey babe!

M- Hehe, hi! I cant believe I'm actually talking to you! 

J- Well believe it baby, cuz its all real xD

M- Yeah anyways, so what's up?

J- Nothin much, just texting u & listening to music. U?

M- Just txtin u.

J- Haha cool

M- Not really... :/ Im bored as f*ck

J- Same, so I have 2 questions

M- Which are?

J- One, are you single ;)

M- Yeah....

J- Great, so do you wanna hang out tomorrow?

M- Uhh yeah sure I guess. But, I cant leave my bff here alone

J- The 1 who came to the meet & greet wit u?

M- Yupp

J- I can invite Chaz and we can all hang out at my house

M- Sounds perf! See you then!

J- Well I need your address and dress, casual

M- Ok my address is: 411 Cliff Road. Its a white house with a blue gate around it :)

J- Alright well talk to you soon beautiful. Bye!

M- Bye handsome!! ;)

            I put my phone down and realized it was already 10:30PM! Damn, I thought to myself. I got up from bed, brushed my hair and then my teeth. I put my hair in a ponytail and then got back in bed. I turned off the lamp on my nightstand and then closed my eyes

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