Meeting Bieber In Person

Cathy and Mia went to a Justin Bieber concert, and Meet And Greet. When Justin saw Cathy, he fell for her right away. They swap numbers and soon enough start hanging out. What happens when Mia meets Chaz? Will Cathy and Justin start dating? Read more to find out!


6. Kiss Me

                     *Mia's POV*

                                We arrived to the hill top thing just before the sun set. I sat down next to Chaz, our backs against the tree. He slowly put his arm around me and I rested my head on his shoulder. I said "Do you always watch the sun set here?" "Not always. But a lot. But being here, with you, makes it more special. To me." "Thank you, but why?" "Well. You're different. I know we literally met like ten minutes ago, but I want to give us a chance. You seem like an amazing girl, and I would love to get to know you better, and have you in my life. If that's fine with you." "Of course that's fine with me!" He smiled and kissed my forehead. "Now shut up, the sun is setting!" I said and paid my attention to the sun setting. It was beautiful. They sky looked pink-ish and purple-ish. The sun was just above the trees, I quickly got out my phone and took a picture. I looked at it and said "Perfect!" Chaz laughed and said "Hey Mia?" "Yeah Chaz?" "Can I kiss you?" "I want you to kiss me." He smiled and we both started leaning in. Our lips finally connected, and his lips on mine; felt magical. I pulled away after a while and said "Come on, we should get back before it get's dark." He simply nodded and we started walking back. I couldn't stop smiling. Maybe, this could lead to something else? I hope so.

*Cathy's POV*

               The whole time, Justin and I were just eating and getting to know each other better. I feel like I've known him forever, we just get along so well! I couldn't believe it. He was so laid back and just ugh pure perfection. I know people aren't perfect, but, he is. Or at least in my eyes. "Cathy?" I heard Justin say. I said "Huh, what?" "Haha, I asked when's your birthday." "Oh! July 13 1995. Sorry for tuning out, I was thinking." "It's coo, what were you thinking about?" "Just stuff." "Like?" "How I want you to kiss me." WAIT WHAT. WHY THE HELL DID I JUST SAY THAT?!?! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. "Ugh, sorry I-I I didn't m-mean tha-that." "Dont worry about it, I want to kiss you." "What?" "I. Want. To. Kiss. You." "Then kiss me." He smiled at me, with that beautiful smile, and then crashed his lips on mine. They were so soft. It was perfect. After a while I pulled away and said "Justin?" "Yeah baby girl?" "So, what does this mean for us?" "Well.... I was hoping that you'd be my girlfriend." "Justin, I'd love to be your girlfriend!" I smiled and kissed him again. Just then, Mia and Chaz busted through the door. I quickly pulled away and acted if nothing happened. Mia and Chaz gave Justin and I questionable looks until Justin said "CATHY AND I ARE DATING!!" And started leaving kisses all over my face.


        "You guys are so cute!" I said to Mia about her and Chaz's relationship. She chuckled and said "Not as cute as you and Justin!" "Whatever. It's almost 2 AM, g'night!" "Night babe!" I said as I walked back up to my room. Did I mention that we spent more time at Justin's then I thought? Well, we did. It was really fun. I quickly put on my pajamas, brushed my teeth, and then jump into my bed. I put my hair in a ponytail and then snuggle under the covers, trying to get comfy... Then I drift off to sleep

*A/N HEY GUYS GUESS WHAT! CHICKEN BUTT! Lol anyways, new chapter!! How do you guys like the story?!? Comment down below!! I was gonna say something but I forgot- OH! SORRY FOR THE SHORT CHAPTER I DIDNT HAVE ANY IDEAS. I remembered. But that's it for now, I love you all, stay beautiful, and BYEEE:D*

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