Meeting Bieber In Person

Cathy and Mia went to a Justin Bieber concert, and Meet And Greet. When Justin saw Cathy, he fell for her right away. They swap numbers and soon enough start hanging out. What happens when Mia meets Chaz? Will Cathy and Justin start dating? Read more to find out!


2. Going shopping

*Cathy POV*

I drove to Mia's house to pick her up so we could go shopping. I don't have a outfit that fits my new body because I use be heavy but then I lost a ton of weight so im now 5'6 and weigh 110 pounds but before I weighed way more than that. Both of us have brown hair with blue eyes that's why me and Mia get along so well. When we arrived at the mall the first place that we went to was forever 21. That store has all the cutest clothes for teens our age. While we were shopping my phone rang and it was the radio station say that they were at the mall because I also won a shopping spree that they will cover. So we left that store and met them in the front of the mall and when we met them right next to them was Justin Bieber. My Mom was going to help us pick out new outfits for the concert and outfits for school. We were both speechless. After we went shopping we all rode back to my house and went up to my room and unpack all my new clothes. Mia asked me if I could keep her new clothes until she get her new bedroom that her parents are redoing. The concert is tomorrow so Mia decided to sleep over tonight since the concert is tomorrow. They told us that they will be picking us up early tomorrow because we are going to get new hair cut. I thought that it was just winning a 2 tickets to see him but I was wrong it was more than that. But I was happy either way.

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