Bullied (Harry Styles FanFic )

Harry use to bully Tia. Tia was a nerd but now she is the most beautiful girl. Tia works at a magizine and does the interviews for them. One day Tia has to interview One Direction, will Harry realize what he did was worng and fall for the girl or will he always be a bully?


There will be swearing and sexual scenes so don't come and say later I didn't warn you


7. Chapter 7

(Harrys pov)
She said yes. I dont think I have ever been so happy in my enite life! Nothing even comes close to this moment. "What do we do now?" She asked.
"This." I said as I kissed her. She kissed back and I felt a shock go through my lips, my stomach turned and i felt the fireworks. The kiss got more passionate and I put my hands on her waist to pull her closer. I pulled her up so she was straddeling my waist. I picked her up and took her to her room and laid her on the bed. I kissed her neck and she pushes me away. "Im sorry im just not ready for all that." She said looking away.
"Hey look at me." She did and I looked her in the eyes. "Its ok. I waited 14 years for this. I think I cant wait just a bit longer." I said pecking her lips.
"Thank you." She said kissing my lips.
"For what, baby?" I asked
"For understanding." She smiled.
"I would never make you do something yopu werent ready for." I said back to her.
"Thank you." She said again.
"Stop thanking me, really its not necessary." I said laying beside her. We were looking at the roof when she sighed. "What?" I asked.
"I hate the rain." She said curling into my side. I put my arm around her and pulled her even closer.
"I dont want to go home." I said sighing. She just looked at me. "What?" I asked.
"Did you really think that I would let you leave in weather like this?" She asked sarcaticaly. I smiled at her. "Good point." I said. "Ok." She said standing up. She walked over to her closet and pulled out a blanket and pillow. "Im sleeping on the couch, you can have the bed." She said getting ready to turn the door knob when I stopped her. "No way its your house ill take the couch." I said standing up grabbing the blanket and pillow. "No you are the guest ill take the couch." She said grabbing the pillow and blanket again.
"No." I said.
"Yes." She said.
"Oh my god, we are getting no where and I have work in the morning." She sighed.
"Then why dont we both sleep in the bed." I suggested.
"Ok." she put the blanket and pillow back in the closet and pulled the covers back and got under the blanket and i just stood there. "Are you just going to stand there or get under the covers?" She asked smiling. I got under the covers and I put my head back on the pillow. I pulled her close and she put her head on my chest.
"Goodnight Tia" I said pecking her lips one last time.
"Goodnight Harry." She said kissing me back.

When I woke up Tia wasnt in sight. I got up and looked out the window, well at least it stopped raining. I went out to her kitchen and saw her sitting at ther dinner table eating a bowl of cereal. She looked beautiful. (http://www.polyvore.com/work/set?id=79096451). I think the more I look at her the more beautiful she gets, I walked up to her and kissed her lips. "Do you want some cereal?" She asked as I sat beside her. "Sure." I said and she poured some cereal into a bowl and put some milk and a spoon in it. "Thanks." I said taking the bowl from her. "Sure." She said smiling. "Shit! Im late." she said jumping up from her chair. "You can let yourself out Harry." She said. I kissed her and said goodbye. Little did she know I would be here for our date when she got home from work.

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