Bullied (Harry Styles FanFic )

Harry use to bully Tia. Tia was a nerd but now she is the most beautiful girl. Tia works at a magizine and does the interviews for them. One day Tia has to interview One Direction, will Harry realize what he did was worng and fall for the girl or will he always be a bully?


There will be swearing and sexual scenes so don't come and say later I didn't warn you


6. Chapter 6

(Tia pov)
When me and Zayn got to the restaurant we sat at a table far from the windows because of the paparazzi.
"So, what is with you and Harry?" Zayn asked. I was a bit taken back.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"Well, every time Harry even moves near you, you flinch away."
"I flinch a lot." I lied.
"Dont lie." He said looking me in the eyes.
"Can you keep a secret?"
"Yes." He said looking deeper in my eyes.
"When I was in high school, I got bullied. I was called fat, ugly, nerd, geek, bitch, slut, and even a cunt. Well thats not all. There was this boy in my school and he used to call me all those names and he would even go as far as beat me up. One day he beat me up so bad that I was in the hospitle for a month. My parents died in a car crash when I was 4 and my foster parents were assholes, they would hit me and kick me and tell me I wouldnt amout to anything. I was a 'geek' because I wanted to prove them wrong. And I did. But the bulling never stopped and I got to the point where I wanted to move because I couldnt take it anymore.The worse part is the bully never even asked why I was a 'geek' he just thought he would be funny and hurt me." I said almost in tears.
"Tia, I am so sorry that, that happened to you. But what does that have to do with Harry?" He asked
"He umm.....he, he.......he was the bully." I said in a low voice but Zayn still caught it.
"WHAT!?!" He asked loud enough for everybody in the restaurant to look at us. "Im going to kill him." He said in a normal voice now.
"Dont. Hes not even worth it." I shrugged looking him in the eyes.
"You are so strong, Tia. How do you do it?"
"Honestly. I have no idea." I said laughing. He smiled. "Lets get you home, yeah?" He asked taking my hand.
"Yeah." I said smiling.

When I got home I kissed Zayns cheek. "Goodnoght Zayn." I said shutting the door. "Goodnight Tia." He said. I closed the door and turned around and Harry was literally right in front of my face. "Harry wha-" Before I could finish he smashed his lips on mine. Of course I kissed back and when he licked my lip asking for entrence I realized what we were doing. I pulled away. "Harry. I cant. You REALLY hurt me." I said tearing up.
"I know I did, but that was in the past and I remember in school you would always say 'you gotta leave the past behind ya.' So can we please please please please plase PLEASE leave it in the past? I really would like for you to go out on a date with me. Would you like to go?" He asked and I looked in his eyes and saw a look that said he was sientley begging me to, and it was alsoo mixed with the look of regret.
"No Harry." I said and he looked like he was about to cry. "I would love to go on a date with you." I said smiling.
"Really?" He asked unsure.
"Really." I said. He put his arms around me and held me tight, he picked me up off the ground and twirled me around. He set me back down on the ground and I put my face right in front of his face and for once I kissed him. He of course kissed back. "Thank you." He said resting his forehead on mine.
"For what?" I asked confused.
"For giving me a chance." He said kissing me again. It started to rain and me and Harry wanted to watch a movie. We were watching Finding Nemo when it started to rain really hard. When the movie was almost over the power went out. "Great. Now what?" Harry asked. "Ill be right back." I said going to the kitchen and got some emergency candles and a lighter. I walked back into the living room and lit the candles. "Ill be right back I need to change." I said getting up. I put on shorts and a long sleeve shirt and walked back out. (http://www.polyvore.com/sleeping/set?id=79081955). Harry was just sitting on the couch and I sat beside him. "Now what do we do?" I asked.
"This." Harry said kissing me.

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