Biggest Nerd...Who Stole My Heart

Hi, my name is Taylor Payne, AKA, the little sister to the biggest jerk in school, Liam Payne. He bullies, calls people names and even the new freshmen lunch money. Now I am a bit of a popular girl myself. I'm star of the softball, volleyball, basketball and football (soccer) team. But this one day, changed my whole life.


1. Prolouge

"Good morning, mum!" "Good morning, sweetie, breakfast is on the table. And if you don't mind, can you please wake up Liam? He is going to run late unless you wake him up." "not that he would care anyways." I mumbled under my breath. I ran up the stairs, tiptoeing to his door.  I opened it and screamed, " LIAM JAMES PAYNE!!! IF YOU DONT WAKE UP, I WILL PERSONALLY GET A BUCKET OF ICE COLD WATER AND THROW IT ON YOU> SO I SUGGEST YOU WAKE UP NOW!!!!!!" Then he jumped out of bed, ran to his wardrobe and picked out his usual outfit, dark wash skinny jeans, a white V-neck, leather  jacket and combat boots. "Okay, okay, I'm up. I'll give you a ride to school." "Tank you, big bro." and I gave him a kiss on the cheek and skipped out the door.

*at school*

It was about lunch time, when I heard Liam yelling at someone. 'oh great, here we go again.' I ran to where Liams voice was, and found him punching someone. "are *punch* you *punch* going to *punch* give me*punch* you money?" Liam yelled. I ran up to Liam, and grabbed his elbow to stop him. "LIAM!! Stop punching the poor kid." I said apologetically. "Now, go ot the principals office and explain to him why you were hurting him." I said sternly. "And for the rest of you," I said looking at the little crowd of people that started to form, "You all, get to class. NOW"

Once everyone cleared out of the hallway, I went over to see who Liams next victim was. "Oh my gosh!!" I exclaimed. "Are you okay?" "I'm fine." said the boy looking down. "No your not, come lets get you to the nurses office. Okay?? Can you please look uop at me??"  said sweetly. "I-I can't." "Why not??" "Because if you see who I am, you'll run away and-and-" he finally looked up at me. Oh my gosh. "H-hi I'm..."



WOAH cliffhanger!!!! hahaha anywayssss... next chapter will be longer I promise, but since I have nothing to do today I am going to be on here most the day...

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