Biggest Nerd...Who Stole My Heart

Hi, my name is Taylor Payne, AKA, the little sister to the biggest jerk in school, Liam Payne. He bullies, calls people names and even the new freshmen lunch money. Now I am a bit of a popular girl myself. I'm star of the softball, volleyball, basketball and football (soccer) team. But this one day, changed my whole life.


5. First Dates, And Meeting the Parents

Taylor's POV

Tonight is me and Marcels first date. I can't wait for it! He told me that he'd picked me up around 6 and to dress fancy. Right now, its 3, so I decided to take a shower. After I got done washing my body and hair, I got out and towel dried my hair. Now it was 4:15. 'Wow, time flies fast,'I thought. I ended up curling my hair, painting my nails teal, and doing my mascara, blush and eyeliner. I slipped into my peach and cream lace dress with some sparkly pumps. and a denim vest. I checked the time and saw it was 6. 'Dang!!' I walked down stairs, after getting my sparkly clutch, and headed downstairs. Liam stopped me, at the end of the stairs, "I want to meet this bot you're 'going out' with." He stated. "W-well.... uhmm. Th-the thing is.." I got interrupted by the doorbell going off. "That's him." I said nervously. "Hi, marcel." "Hi, Taylor. I-I brought you these." He said, handing me a bouquet of roses, lilies and daisies. "Marcel. They are," I had to stop and think of a word to describe them. "beautiful."

"Well, beautiful flowers for a, beautiful girl." I just looked down and blushed. "Alright, lovebirds. Let me see who I-. Hello, Marcel. Fancy seeing you here." Liam said, getting more buff, than usual. "LIAM?? What are you doing here?" "I live here, gosh, for a straight A student, you sure are dumb." Liam said snickering. "LIAM!!'' I scolded and hit him on the arm. "Now, if you can't get along with Marcel, than you can leave." I said, motherly. "FINE!!" he yelled and stormed off to his room. "Umm, do you want to come inside, and meet my parents?" I asked him All he did was nod his head.

"Mom, dad, this is Marcel, Marcel, this is my mom, Karen, and my dad, Geoff." "It is a pleaser to meet both of you." Marcel said. "Marcel. Where have I heard that name from?" my mom said. "Mom, me and marcel were best friends... up until fourth.. grade..." I said looking down. "That's where I remember you from, my, look at what a handsome young man you've become." my mother gawked. "Well, You have my blessing for taking my little girl out." My dad said approvingly. "Thank you daddy!!" I said jumping on my dad. "I- uhm, don't mean to be rude, but, Taylor we have to go, unless you want to miss our reservation." he said. "okay.. well i'll see you guys..." I said stopping because I had no idea when my curfew was. "Anytime is fine. Just no rough housing." my dad said. "daaaaaddddd" I said holding out dad. "i'm just kidding, now, go have fun you two." he said smiling. " Thank you, and we will, but not too much." said marcel. I just hit his arm, and playfully rolled my eyes.

*at resturaunt*
"HI, my name is Zayn, and you must be the one I've been looking for all my life." he said with a wink. "umm, actually, this is my date, and you must be WAY out of my league." I said with a smirk.

"What can I get you to drink." he said with a hint of anger in his voice. "Umm, I'll have a pepsi." Marcel said. "Same" We both sat in silence for a good 5 minutes, when Marcel spoke. "So, Taylor." he said "Yes, Marcel." I said. "I know this is the first date... but I really, really like you, and I was wondering, if you wanted to be my girlfriend??" he said. I looked at him, and replied with watery eyes. "I-I really like you, too. And I would love to be your girl friend."  "really?" "yes really." I said with a giggle.

After we ate, the bill came. "lets see, the total is $56.88 and the tip would be.." marcel muttered to himself. "Marcel, I can  pay for my food." "N no no. It's the first date, and I'm paying." he said sternly. "But marcel-" I got cut off by marcel giving the check to the waiter. "Thank you and have a nice night." he said. "Marcel!! I was going to pay!!" I exclaimed like a little kid. "well," he bopped my nose with his pointer finger. "I.just.did." and with that, I stopped arguing and slumped down in my seat.

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