You're my past and my present.

I have a huge crush on you, but you don't even know I exist.
I see pictures of me and someone who looks just like you in my mums photo albums and I need answers.
I feel like I've known you ages but I don't know how that's possible.
We have a special connection and I'm trying to find out my past.


2. Present - 2013


I spun round and searched the busy hallway for the person who shouted my name. My two best friends Alexis and Natalie where running to keep up with me. 

Alexis had golden blonde hair which reached her waist, her skin was golden brown all the time even during winter and she had a super models body. All the boys obsessed over her, but she never payed them any attention. She always wore a pastel pink flower in her hair and pink rimmed nerd glasses. She was always up to date on the latest fashion and always seemed to be effortlessly beautiful. 

Natalie had mid length black hair and was mixed race. She always wore her hair over one shoulder and had it in soft curls. She was always up to date on the latest celebrity gossip and always carried a magazine in one of her hands. She is a really neat person and is constantly sorting her make up out. 

And then there's me, with long, mousy brown wavy hair, which went way past my bum as my mum would never let me cut it. I had fair skin and a sprinkle of freckles across my cheeks which everyone but me found cute. The boys paid no attention to me but I always knew everyone else's business, which sometimes could get me into trouble.

I stopped walking and held my arms out for them both to run into and I squeezed them tight "Man I missed you guys" We'd just come back from summer vacation and I had spent the whole time visiting my grandparents. 

"We missed you too" They both said in unison.

"Your dress is gorgeous" I said to Alexis who was wearing a purple and black maxi dress with black gladiator sandles and her usual pastel blue back pack and pastel pink flower. 

She smiled and thanked me "I actually found it in my mums closet, she's had it years" 

I giggled and said "vintage"

I looked over and Natalie who was engrossed in her latest magazine. 

"More celeb gossip??" I asked.

She held up one finger to signal 'one second' and carried on reading and then a huge smile rushed across her face and she scream "CHANNING TATUM'S BABY IS GORGEOUS" she held her magazine tight to her chest and me and Alexis just couldn't resist laughing. 

I shook my head and said "Come on guys lets go see coach"

All three of us were on the cheerleading squad and we had been since the day we started, it's actually the place we met. We were all the head cheerleaders and coach always wanted to see us at the beginning of the year. 

We walked into her office with confidence and she smiled as soon as she layed eyes on us.

"Girls!!" She said cheerfully. 

"Coach!!" We all replied in unison just as cheerful. 

"I have a surprise for you all" 

We all looked at each other eagerly. 

"New head cheerleader outfits!!!" Shes said holding up light blue costumes made up of a crop top, a short skirt and knee high socks.

We all clapped our hands excitedly and said "oh my god they're perfect!!!!"

She handed one to each of us and told us to keep them a secret from the other girls and that we're still waiting on the pom poms and that practice is tomorrow night straight after school. 

We told her we'd be there and as soon as we did the bell rang for first lesson. 

We sighed and said bye to coach and wondered off towards chemistry.

On the way I saw Justin Bieber the hottest boy in school, the person I've had a crush on since day 1.

"oh my god he's so hot" I whispered to the girls.

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